PPMA policy board – a fun filled Friday!

Not a rainy evening this time, but a train journey from London to Cambridge and I’m back from my week long holiday in sunny Suffolk – thanks to VP Gill Hibberd for being last week’s blogger for PPMA, she put me to shame in terms of content!

Anyway, to business – today has been a highly successful and busy day with a meeting of the PPMA policy board in London. As always, we managed to get through a mountain of business and dealt with some key decisions on issues of PPMA policy, including discussions about pay and reward, as well as Jan Parkinson’s concept of the public sector worker, which gets my support. We also discussed issues relating to business development for the Association and a potential drive to increase membership levels.

The evaluation of the 2008 PPMA Conference made for a good discussion and you’ll be pleased to hear that many of the suggested improvements have already been factored into Gill Hibberd’s plans for the 2009 Conference (which is already shaping up to be a world class event – in a world class venue – Manchester).

The work being led by Alan Warner on “Raising the Standard in HR”, which was mentioned at 2008 Conference, has been moved further forward and is shaping up to be something quite special – watch this space as they say. Modest chap that Alan is, I’ll let you in on a secret…this work was his original idea and has huge potential. A member of the “Past President’s Club”, Mr. W is still very much alive and innovating!

Finally, we’ll be advertising opportunities for our members to get involved in PPMA work before the end of this month, when we openly select new Lead Officers to take forward the PPMA policy leads for Diversity, Talent Management and HR Transformation. And just in case you didn’t think that was enough, after the board meeting finished, Alan Warner and I met with Karen Day, Editor of the Local Government Chronicle, to discuss issues of mutual interest and opportunities for PPMA to contribute to forthcoming LGC features and conferences.

Now, how’s that for timely communication and feedback…post a comment to let me know what you think.

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