Welcome to our CareSpace page.  PPMA is delighted to be working with North Bristol NHS Trust and University College London (UCL), to roll out CareSpace across public service organisations.  You can find out much more about the background to CareSpace, what it is, our PPMA pilot, and our accredited facilitator programme on this page.

We are really excited about this initiative too and we hope you will be.

The importance of Wellbeing

You can tell, given we have a dedicated Let’s Talk: Wellbeing strategic theme, that wellbeing is already really important to us.  You can read more about what wellbeing means to us here.

The events of the last few months since Coronavirus started to impact our day to day life has only highlighted that we need to take care of our wellbeing.  Obviously our physical health has been the primary focus.  But, there is no question that the rapid pace of change we are living through, together with an enforced lock down and significant uncertainty has put pressure on our colleagues, managers and leaders mental health.

Our organisations have wellbeing strategies and many are all encompassing, providing support for physical, mental and financial wellbeing.  And there is already some fabulous Wellbeing work going on across our organisations.

But we have acknowledged that these unique set of circumstances may well need something different in response, but something that will sit alongside existing strategies.  And this is where CareSpace comes in.

What is CareSpace?

CareSpace is a 20-minute intervention designed to enable “a space for self-care through facilitated connection and support”.  It is based on a highly structured process based on group and pair work.  That structure is key to creating psychological safety and enabling people to self-care.  CareSpace is delivered as either a Face to Face or Virtual programme.

Although originally designed for use by clinical psychologists, we have agreed with Charlie and Katrina that PPMA is qualified to roll this out.

You can read more about our partners in this initiative below and you can also read more about the background to CareSpace by clicking on CareSpace brochure.  You can access a podcast which covers the background to CareSpace and the thinking behind CareSpace specifically here.

Our partners

CareSpace was developed by Charlie Jones and his team at North Bristol NHS Trust.  Charlie is the Clinical Consultant Psychologist and is passionate about the role of compassionate cultures in our organisations.  CareSpace was originally developed as a face to face programme and the team at North Bristol have been rolling this out across the Hospital to all staff who want to participate.

Associate Professor Katrina Scior at UCL and her team have worked with Charlie to develop a Zoom version of CareSpace.  One of Katrina’s team, Kim Guest is working with us until September 2020 as we roll out Virtual CareSpace.

We are so excited to be working with both teams.  PPMA has not historically worked with Clinical Psychology colleagues, although we’re much more familiar with Occupational Psychology.  This is an interesting partnership which is in it’s early days but we’re looking forward to seeing how it develops over time.  There is no question that a psychological view of wellbeing has a place in our HR & OD practice.

Virtual CareSpace pilot

Over the last month, with the support of UCL we have been piloting the role out of CareSpace.  We have held 5 sessions and we’re delighted with the feedback that we have had so far.  We’re confident that participants are benefiting.  Following the pilot we will now be rolling our more sessions.

You can listen to a short clip from Tracy Brennand our Joint PPMA Northern Region Chair below.

CareSpace Rollout – what’s next?

PPMA, through a rollout programme will encourage the training of HR & OD leads to deliver CareSpace.  We will also support other people who also want to support our public service colleagues – especially those on the front line – by equipping them to deliver CareSpace.

This involves participating in a free PPMA accredited facilitator training programme.  If you would like to find out more information please email us here.

If you have any questions about CareSpace you can email us on [email protected]