PPMA Annual Seminar 2015 – 'Our Past, Our Present and Our Future'

Hello PPMA members and friends

I am looking forward to welcoming you our PPMA Annual Seminar 2015 “Our past, Our present and Our future” at the Grand Hotel, Bristol. It’s certainly a welcome back to the great, vibrant and multicultural city of Bristol as it was only 2013 when we had a very successful seminar with the theme of “Talent, Opportunity, and Prosperity

I look forward to the welcome address from the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, and celebrating the fact that Bristol was recently awarded the title of European Green Capital 2015 by the European Commission.

As you know this year’s theme has a Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby colour theme and possibly a music theme! We will be celebrating 40 years of PPMA and its predecessor SOCPO (Society of Chief Personnel Officers) looking back at the last 40 years and at what has influenced us all to the present day. We will also be looking forward to the next 40 years of HR, People Management and Organisational Development, in the local, regional, central government arena – in fact across all public services. We will recognise 40 years of progress, celebrate the achievements of members and partners, and look forward to equipping the workforce of the future.

We will be offering the delegates, the opportunity to think creatively and explore where organisations are going with organisational design and workplace practices this may involve maybe technological developments, communications, virtual workplaces, continued global employment and more besides. With your support we will create a sense of excitement about the future. The seminar programme will offer powerful case studies, master classes and thought pieces balanced with the opportunity to challenge and plan your own strategic thinking.

If you are joining us in Bristol I do hope you enjoy the seminar and networking with peers and colleagues.

Barry Pirie

President Elect PPMA 2015/16

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  1. Richard Crouch 31st March 2015 at 9:01 pm - Reply

    My congratulations to Barry on putting together an exciting and topical conference and my best wishes to him for the year ahead as

    Now is the time for HR and OD to really rise to the challenge for what lies ahead in public services which is acutely transformational. Whether in health, local government or those partnering or contracting, more change lies ahead as the austerity measures continue. The next round of change must cast aside salami approaches and make way for operating and business model transformation on a macro scale. This will mean moving to the next phase of public sector reform, with local accountability and control, sector convergence and developing brand new ways in delivering public services that metamorphisise with community based resources and people. This will also entail us all becoming more business savvy and inherently commercial. Not just to help address the cuts but to help deliver local prosperity and inward investment. All this delivered by people for people with superb people management at the core to raise public sector productivity to a level that matches if not overtakes others.

    And what is the role of HR and OD practitioners in all of this? To roll its sleeves up, get its hands dirty and be the instruments of the change not just its disciples. This is why the PPMA conference is a must. Be part of the future.

    So endeth the sermon and sales pitch!

    Best wishes to all

    Richard (Immediate Past President/Has Been)

  2. Barry Pirie 26th April 2015 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    Hi Richard

    Glad you enjoyed the annual seminar and many thanks for your congratulations.

    I am looking forward to building on the foundation block you and other Past Presidents have developed and to take PPMA to its next stage.

    I would like to pay tribute to your outstanding year as President, Richard, you were an inspiring President and a strong advocate for our organisation and I would like to formally put on record my thanks to you for everything you did to take our organisation to a higher level of recognition and respect.



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