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After all the glitz and glamour of the PPMA conference in Brighton (which I hope many of you were able to attend), things have settled back into balancing a range of other PPMA commitments with the day job over the past couple of weeks. 

Last week included a meeting with Martin Rayson, our lead on HR Transformation, talking about the forthcoming workshops in June, organised to take forward this key theme from the conference.  In addition, I’ve been speaking with a number of other policy board members on a host of issues including the developing arrangements for our commercial board, led by Alan Warner, media relations enquiries with our colleagues from Communications Management and forthcoming regional visits, with London being the first region I’ll be “officially” visiting in a few weeks time.

This week is shaping up to be an interesting one, with a meeting with the Hay Group to discuss their new HR Marketing Toolkit which could potentially be of real benefit to PPMA members.

Finally I had the opportunity, along with Gillian Hibberd, to attend an event last week entitled “the future for HR” an interesting mix of public and private sector views were expressed, but you’ll be pleased to hear that all concerned considered that there was a real future for HR as a function and that this very much chimed with the conference vote at Brighton that HR would evolve and not become extinct!

To listen to a podcast interview I gave after my inaugural speech at the conference,  just click the grey arrow on the media player below. 


You can also view a selection of the official conference photos by clicking here, or selecting one of the images in the sidebar on the right.

I hope everyone had a great bank holiday weekend and didn’t spend too much time stuck in traffic!

Best wishes

Stephen – PPMA President

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