#outoftheshadows – Objectives

We have defined a series of key objectives for this campaign.  Our focus in 2019/20 is delivering on as many of them as possible.  But we will focus on quality rather than quantity – this issue is too important.  Our core objectives are:

  • Promote discussion of bullying and harassment across the HR & OD community
  • Promote discussion of bullying and harassment across public services more broadly
  • Deliver a research survey across public services and promote through PPMA partners and other bodies e.g., ADPH, HPMA, UHR
  • Lobby government to promote our research findings and recommendations.

#outoftheshadows – How will we measure our progress

As we know, it isn’t always easy to measure the work we do.  However, we have identified some activities which we will monitor to help us ensure we are on the right track with our work.

  • Place 4 media pieces on #outoftheshadows in print media
  • Hold a research findings launch event
  • Deliver 1 TV programme on the campaign
  • Deliver at least one conference session on the campaign
  • Deliver one blog/interview per month on www.ppma.org.uk/blog and social media channels.

You can find progress updates by checking the blue colour block to the right of this text.

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Progress Update

We encourage you to check back regularly to see what we have been doing.

  • Karen and Leatham did a TV programme at #PPMAHR19 with CLGdotTV.  You can watch the programme here
  • Our May PPMA Supplement was dedicated to #outoftheshadows.  You can read it here.
  • Karen led a session on #outoftheshadows with Lorissa Page and Simon Robinson at #PSS19 in June.  Unfortunately there are no slides for this session.

PPMA #outoftheshadow blogs

Have a story to share?

If you would like to share your thoughts or stories about this issue, you can get in touch with us confidentially.  You can contact us on [email protected].

#outoftheshadows – Campaign Lead

Karen Grave

Email: [email protected]

#Hashtag: #outoftheshadows

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