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July 2018







Summary for the fortnight









We have had a really busy 2 weeks but fair to say that most of our time has been spent on Peer and Penna.  I will be sharing an agreed communication with you separate to this update, but key pointers on where we are at the moment follow.

We have paused our Peer programme for this year and we do not (yet) have a sponsorship agreement for the coming year.  Leatham and I are dealing with that.

Julie Towers and I have agreed the following:

  • PPMA owns the Peer into the Future brand
  • We will re-launch PITF late autumn/early winter (& it is possible that there may be a role for Penna – Julie and I will discuss)
  • Penna will run some of the modules as part of a masterclass series. We can’t stop this because we don’t have a historic agreement. BUT these will not be marketed to PPMA membership. It is possible that they may invite ‘friends’.  We will keep a track on that
  • We have received a financial contribution based on the original 60:40 expectation when PITF was set up.

There is no question that there are learning points from this. The key ones for us at the moment are:

  • We need to do some work to ensure that PPMA has agreements for all our talent management programmes, sponsor relationships and any other arrangement we enter into
  • Many of you who have contacted me privately have shared concerns about our past dependency on one partner. And in truth these conversations have been going on for a while.
  • I have had a very open discussion with Julie Towers, who has been fantastic through this last week -10 days and we’re cognisant of the need, as we grow to be more focused about agreements. Friends though Penna have been there is an open and honest acknowledgement that they have benefited greatly from their relationship with us.

And finally on Penna matters for this edition, I just wanted to thank again everyone who has emailed and called.  I really appreciate all of your comments and we will always happy to take on board feedback comments.  We all know in our day to day lives that change is disruptive and we are not exempt from feeling the effects of that ourselves.

All best, Karen





Media & Press                   






The supplement was released this week – for those of you who don’t get a copy delivered to you, here’s a link.

Leatham and I were asked to nominate some names for the MJ’s 40 under 40 insight piece.  We had lots of our young aspiring stars to choose from. That was also published in this week’s edition. I’m thrilled to say that Matt Burrows and Keeley Metcalfe made it! It is such an achievement and they’re so thrilled.

I’ve provided some quotes to Public Finance magazine on the impact of the Hermes ET case. Will let you know when that comes out.

We should see a write up on the MJ Green Park Diversity Roundtable that I attended June 12 in next weeks MJ.  A couple of things have happened since the the RT..  The first is that Green Park made a decision to release a Local Government split of the overall public service dataset and to update it for 2018. Together with Jo Miller, Heather Jameson and Ian Thomas I was asked to be a contributor.  There are issues with the dataset BUT I think this report is really critical and would be grateful if you could share through your networks. Additionally I’ve provided a blog around diversity to MJ. So we’ll have a good set of coordinated activity around D&I.

We’ll have more updates shortly on future People Management articles. I’m writing a piece on ethics, which is incorporated in the new CIPD professional standards (more on that below).





21st Century Public Servant                






We’re working on launching the 21st Century Workforce accreditation programme (with a snappier name I hope!) October time. We have just agreed that LGA will provide us with additional sponsorship this year so that we can manage, on behalf of the MOU partners (LGA, PPMA, SOLACE & UoB) the production of marketing materials, a microsite, etc.

We’re also looking to have 4 pilot sites ready for our October launch. LGA will provide 50% of the accreditation programme cost for those 4 pilots. This is really fantastic.  If you want more information, please let Grace and I know.

Slightly off topic, LGA maintain a ‘database’ of organisations that they forward queries to for further follow up etc. They’ve agreed that they will add our PPMA talent programmes to that – this is really helpful and will further raise our profile and improve our LGA relationship.





Sponsor News                






Leatham and I are continuing to meet with sponsors. Thanks to Steve we have interest from Lumesse in a platinum partnership. Others are not yet platinum discussions.

One of the things we are keeping in mind is that we don’t want that platinum community too big as it can give us delivery issues in terms of regional event commitments. As the sponsorship agreements currently stand, Platinums get 3 regional events.

We’ve met with CMP, who sponsored a stand and they want to do more with us. We have upcoming meetings with EY who also want to do a lot more.  We met with some potential brand new sponsors – it’s clear that some of them don’t have a clear value proposition for our membership community yet, but we’ll keep you posted on progress.

To reassure you, we’re always keeping in mind the following:

  • The capacity we have to deliver our commitments. We are still having to sort out last years commitments around research so we want to avoid overloading ourselves
  • Whether the sponsors were talking to cover all HR&OD topics. I.e. we want to avoid having too many sponsors who are competitors- it’s not easy to manage
  • Commercial interests – we have to be clear about what PPMA and our membership community are getting out of this
  • Transparency. So everyone knows what they get and we aren’t seen to have favourites.

Gentle request again, that if you are approached by anyone asking for information, the sponsorship pages are here.  The full list of this year’s sponsors is here. Please do also point sponsors towards Leatham, Steve or I.

Final sponsor news, Nick Heckscher has moved on from Manpower.  Nick is a great friend of PPMA’s so Leatham and I are meeting him very soon to see what we can do together.











This weeks website blog was about our visit of the year to Public Sector Show. This is the first time we have had a stand in London (our second overall).  The layout for the show was changed this year – the workforce theatre space is much bigger. The PSS team have done that because the Workforce and Leadership workstream is proving very popular.

Music to our ears



MOU News                         






A few updates for you this time around.  HPMA have now confirmed that they want to contribute to an MJ roundtable. We’re really excited about this. We’re looking at the 27th September and are just starting to plan agenda and invites. I met Chris Hopson last week (CEX NHS Providers) and he’s very keen to participate. If there are any of you who are keen to be involved please let me know ASAP. We will need to work out how much capacity we have and we also need to invite CEX’s, but if I at least know how many of you would like to be involved, I can take that into account up front. Mike Burton will chair and we’ll have coverage in MJ and he Health supplement they publish.

I’m also talking to the Guardian next week about hosting a dinner for HPMA, UHR, CIPD and PPMA exec teams. Again will keep you updated.

I’ve previously mentioned that as part of the MOU, we had been invited to early review and input on the new CIPD professional standards framework.  We have had 2 very useful calls on this and been able to ask for some amendments that will have real relevance to us. Those calls have included HPMA & UHR so it’s been really collaborative.

The framework is now under final review with 500 selected professionals from across the globe.  We will share it more broadly with all of you once that consultation is concluded.  It will be launched at CIPD conference in early November.





PPMA Restructuring              






Leatham has been drawing together the outputs from our Board meeting. We’ve a few more go rounds on this and then we will publish how we are going to engage with you to ensure we have your views.  Board meeting dates for the rest of the year will follow that.  As a heads up we are looking at mid September for a 2 day event in Oxford.











We’ve had an initial cut from TenHorizon of our Digital strategy. We’ve a few more comments to make but we’ll  share as soon as we can for comment etc.

We’ve been visiting venues for conference 2019 as were conscious that we need to get dates in diaries. Just so you know we have been looking in the Midlands.  We’ll have confirmed venue and dates for you end July/latest end first week in August.





Actions / Reminders          






We would be really grateful if Board colleagues would please continue to contribute to our social media channels.

Specifically, we need increased activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  It makes a massive difference to our reach and profile.

When you are organising regional events could you please make sure that you tell people that if they don’t attend events and have not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, they will be issued a £25 charge.



























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