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August 2018







Summary for the Month 




Welcome to our Summer membership update.  This edition provides updates on what we have been doing since our June update and a heads up about what is to come over the next few months.

We hope you have been coping with the very warm weather – it looks like it is going to continue into the Autumn.  So this is another test of how resilient we HR & OD professionals are ;).

In this months newsletter you can read about:

  • What Karen has been up to
  • Some sad news about a Past President
  • PPMA Research updates
  • PPMA Let’s Talk: strategic themes
  • Our Let’s Talk: You talent management offerings
  • Past and upcoming events
  • Media & press activity
  • Bits and bobs.

Please do get in touch with us at [email protected], if there is anything you would specifically like us to cover in these regular updates.




PPMA Restructure
Please look our for a specific membership email coming out shortly.

This email will be dedicated to our recommendations for a new PPMA structure.

Your views matter to us and you will have an opportunity to provide input and feedback to us.  But please note that we will need to give you a deadline for response.

So, don’t miss out on your opportunity to comment on the way forward.

PPMA Conference 2019

If you haven’t had an email from us about the dates for Conference 2019 please do get in touch.

We are proposing to hold our conference in May next year in Birmingham.  Dates for April do not work unfortunately.    

We need to find conference dates that allow us to take into account Local elections, other association conferences and half term – so please do respond as soon as you can on our date check.






Presidents Highlights                           







It’s still been really busy…  At PPMA HQ we haven’t stopped since our last update.  

Since our last update we have worked hard on developing our preferred option for a new PPMA structure.  This is a very important piece of work for us and we are determined to engage with you on this.  You’ll get a specific communication from us shortly.

In addition to this work, we have been really busy with different events, media work and scouting out venues for Conference 2019.  We have an important question for you on the timing on next years conference, so please do get back to us on that if you haven’t already.

We’ve also been busy developing our talent management programmes and working up our strategic themes.  There’s plenty more on all of these in the rest of the newsletter.

We know it isn’t always easy to keep up with information, so if there’s anything in particular you would like us to cover in these updates please let us know on [email protected] or [email protected] 





Past Presidents View                     






Sad news for our PPMA family.

We had very sad news last month about a former President of the Association.  Keith Handley sadly died after a period of illness.  Prior to the association’s name change, he was President of SOCPO during 2001/2.

Keith was a huge presence at Bradford Council, where he was the HR/Change Director for 10 years.  The response to his passing was deeply felt amongst colleagues at Bradford and beyond.  Kersten England, the current Chief Executive expressed her deep sorrow and her heartfelt appreciation for the confidence he had in her and the encouragement he gave her to develop in her career.

It was clear in sharing memories of Keith across our community that many current and past colleagues of his felt the same. He was a deeply admired man and respected professional.  Keith was a Chartered Companion of the CIPD, had been a Vice President for Diversity of the CIPD and had also been invited to join the Age Advisory Group, a body set up to advise on what was the new age discrimination legislation.  Keith clearly left a legacy in terms of his professional life.

Keith will be very sadly missed and we have passed on our condolences to his family and colleagues on behalf of our membership community.

Next month we’ll be returning to our planned theme of hearing from one of our Past Presidents on the challenges and opportunities we face. Don’t miss this important feature.





PPMA Research Programme              






We’re delighted to update you on a couple of our research topics.

Firstly, following on from the Digital Research piece we did with Eduserv last year, we are doing another piece of research which MHR are leading on.  You will remember that MHR sponsored our wonderful session with Pepper at #PPMAHR18 in April.

Technology continues to develop at a pace we find difficult to keep up with at work.  But we cannot avoid the impact of technology, which can provide real innovation in service design and delivery.

Our Eduserv research showed that HR & OD professionals need to be at the heart of digital transformation across our organisations.  But we also need to take a closer look at the impact for our own function.  We need to be clear what technology developments means for us in terms of our own knowledge and skills.  We also want to take into account how technology can enable 21st Century workforces.

Our Yorkshire and Humber region have already held a very interesting webinar on members experiences and requirements.  As a result of this we are going to explore PPMA holding some lunch and learn webinar sessions.

We’re also promoting an important research survey so please do participate in this.

MHR will be collating the survey and presenting the results of the research at our Northern Forum in October.  So more to follow on this topic in October.

* * *

Our Brexit research is also moving forward.  We’re very excited about what we are doing here and we are pleased to be working with Matrix-SCM on this.

Barely a day goes by without a report, commentary or twitter debate on the difficulties we will experience. But we want to take a very proactive approach to the topic so that we can generate pragmatic recommendations which we can test over time.

We have chosen to look at the workforce consequences of Brexit on organisations either side of the Northern Ireland/Ireland border.  This is giving us a fantastic opportunity to work with colleagues in our Northern Ireland region and friends at the Local Government Staff Commission for Northern Ireland.  We have also shared an invite to our HPMA and UHR colleagues and we already have participants signed up from both these organisations!

We will be facilitating a Hackathon in Northern Ireland on October 2nd and we will be writing up the outputs into a research paper which we will present at the Local Government Staff Commission conference in November.  You can find more details here.

We’ll share outputs after conference and we plan a 6 month follow up to check the progress we have made.




PPMA Social Media channels 

If you aren’t already following us on our various social media channels, we’d love to you to do so.  We started to track our activity once the new website had bedded in.

We are pleased with the traffic, it’s raising our profile and giving us other platforms to proactively champion workforce related issues.

As a reminder, you can find us:

– on twitter
– on Facebook 
– on our LinkedIn group; and of course
– our website and PPMA Events App.





Let’s Talk: Our Strategic Themes         




Last year we fundamentally reviewed the HR & OD themes that we focus on and shared that with you on our website.

We did this for a number of reasons:

– We wanted to align our areas of professional practice with up to date developments
– At the same time, we wanted to develop themes that would be fit for purpose over a longer period
– We really like our Let’s Talk strapline and we wanted to use that more in our content and our overall marketing activity.

So, we defined 8 strategic themes.  These are as follows:

• Let’s Talk: Leadership
• Let’s Talk: Transformation
• Let’s Talk: Developing our organisations
• Let’s Talk: Future Workforce
• Let’s Talk: Digital
• Let’s Talk: Wellbeing
• Let’s Talk: Evidence
• Let’s Talk: You (our talent management offerings).

We think that using these themes gives us a bit of additional clarity and structure in terms of organising our offering to you. It also means that we have the flexibility to examine a number of issues within a theme. This is important because, as we know, it’s not always easy – or desirable – to fit our work into neat boxes and definitions. So for example, the issue of pay and reward will continue to capture our attention as HR professionals. We might choose to look at this under our Let’s Talk: Future Workforce theme, or indeed Let’s Talk: Developing our organisations.

This year we have a lot of work to do on reorganising our content – and adding in new content from our research programmes.  In preparation for this, we are developing 2 page documents which will outline what is covered in each of the themes.  As you would expect, there is some overlap between them – but that just reflects the nature of our work.

We’ll share these with you on the website as soon as we have them completed – it will certainly be available for the end of August. Please feel free to download them.





Let’s Talk: You 

Our Talent Management Offerings

You will know from a member wide email we sent out early in the Summer, we are looking at our Talent Management Offerings.

We are very proud that our offerings support HR & OD professionals at different stages in their career.  So, this review is helping us to make sure that our content is up to date, is future proof, aligns with the new CIPD professional standards framework (due for launch in November); and allows us the flexibility to offer additional masterclasses.

This year we are also putting alot of focus on developing legacy talent management.  What this means is that we are looking for Peer into the Future graduates to mentor/support upcoming Rising Stars and promote the benefits of the Peer programme.  Likewise we are looking to our Rising Star graduates to mentor/support One to Watch. In turn we will look to our Ones to Watch to mentor/support our Apprentice of the Year graduates and so on.

LGA are funding a pilot with us to develop out this talent legacy programme.  We already have a few volunteers to work with on this.  We’re really excited and we’ll keep you posted.

We passionately believe that our Talent Management programmes are one of the offerings that make PPMA a fantastic organisation to be a part of.  We’re looking at offering lunch to learn webinars as a part of our programme and we hope to be piloting those around our strategic themes.  Over the next couple of months we will be sending out some surveys to capture your views on this.






Events we’ve done…….




We wanted to give you a quick heads up on the events that we have held since our last newsletter.

Yorkshire and Humber region held another Regional Event in early July.  This event focused on

Our London, Southeast and South held a fabulous event which looked at ageing workforces and

Leatham held two Holistic Wellbeing Summits in Leeds and London with Medigold.  They were so successful that we will be running more.

We had another great session at Public Sector Show in London.  If you didn’t see our blog, you can find it here.  This year is the first time we have had a stand in London (last November we had one in Manchester).  The layout for the show was changed this year – the Workforce Theatre  space was much bigger. The PSS team did that because the Workforce and Leadership workstream is proving very popular.  That is music to our ears!




Events we’re doing……




We’ve got another busy few months coming up!

Leatham and Absentia (part of Medigold) are holding some further Holistic Wellbeing Summits.  That’s wholly thanks to the success of events in Leeds and London.  They will be in Bristol on 24th October and Edinburgh on 31st October.  We’ll let you know via the website and social media channels when the booking pages are up for each event.

Karen and Leatham are supporting two Westminster Briefings. One is in September and the other early October – they are both London based. The September briefing is on Reducing Employee Absenteeism Conference and is being held on Tuesday 18th September.  The October briefing is titled Human Resources in the Public Sector: Now and in the Future’, and is scheduled for the 2nd October.  We’d love to see London colleagues come along if you can.

Karen and Leatham will be up at Public Sector Show (PSS) Manchester on Tuesday November 20th.  Karen will be opening the workforce stream and we will also have a panel session, chaired by Mike Burton from the MJ and attended by our MOU partners.  This is the first conference event we are doing together since we announced the MOU at #PPMAHR18.  PSS registration is free to public service employees, so we really recommend you try and get along to this.

Karen and Leatham are participating in the SPDS conference on 1st and 2nd November in St Andrews.  Leatham’s speaking about Finding our Inner Warrior and Karen is contributing to a discussion with SOLACE on Future Workforce and 21st Century Public Servant.

Karen is participating in a panel on Ethics in the workplace at CIPD conference and attending main conference on 7th and 8th November in Manchester.

Karen is also speaking at/attending the Local Government Staff Commission conference in Northern Ireland on 22nd and 23rd November.  Leatham will hopefully joining her too.

We are really excited about Northern Forum this year.  Following our great event last year, we are going back to Leeds on October 10th and 11th.  This time we will be at the Park Plaza Hotel and we are running the event with 2 of our other MOU Partners, HPMA and UHR.  We can’t wait to see how this unfolds.  We have a fantastic agenda – you can book here.  Places are going fast already and prices are very reasonable, so please don’t miss out.

Our South West region also have some events coming up and we will keep you posted as soon as we have dates confirmed.

SAVE THE DATE – PPMA Awards 2019

Some key dates for your diary:

  • Awards Launch – Friday 2nd November 2018
  • Awards closing date – Monday 7th January 2019
  • Awards judging – Wednesday 23rd January 2019
  • Shortlisting event – Wednesday 27th February 2019





Media & Press                   





PPMA on telly! Karen filmed a shorter poscast for Connected Government TV. Watch it here
Our Summer MJ supplement is here.  Take a look and enjoy.
Diversity and inclusion is creeping up the leadership agenda, with mounting evidence that diverse leadership teams deliver better outcomes and value for money.  We are starting to see some Green shoots, but Karen Grave believes initiatives alone are not enough to build inclusive cultures .
Leatham and Karen were asked to provide some names for the MJ 40 under 40 feature.  This was published in the same edition as our Summer Supplement.

We had lots of our young aspiring stars to choose from. We’re thrilled to say that Matt Burrows and Keeley Metcalfe made it! It is such an achievement.  They are so thrilled and we are so proud of them!  



PPMA Statements             






One of our key goals is to ensure that we are raising the voice of the HR & OD public service community.  We take this really seriously as too often, issues that matter to us and impact our work on the ground, don’t take our views into account.

Those of you who have been following us on Twitter and LinkedIn will know that we have released 3 PPMA statements over the last few months.  We will keep doing this where we feel our voice will make a difference.

We’ve provided you relevant links below – please feel free to use them as you need to.

NHS additional funding
Work and Equalities committee findings on Age Discrimination
LGA’s consultation on the Future of Adult Social Care

Until next month, take care and enjoy the rest of our long, hot summer.  And – please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.























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