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We are delighted to share with you that PPMA has partnered with a leading US based provider of leadership development programmes, delivered by international leadership coaches. These programmes are aimed at any professional group and are not specifically designed for public sector leaders. As part of our partnership agreement we have agreed significant discounts for any PPMA member and also any employee of their host organisation.

Below are the details of the first programme which is being held on the 19th April:



Perhaps you have come across people experiencing stress or distress from the prolonged circumstances of the last year. It’s very common now, and it’s become a major concern among organisation leaders, HR departments, and workers themselves.

We are excited to share with you an opportunity for you, your colleagues or anyone on your teams to learn more about emotional intelligence, specifically how to better process emotions and apply productive grace in handling our own emotions and those of others.

Joie Seldon, who is an author, consultant and expert on emotional intelligence, and an invited speaker at this year’s PPMA Peer into the Future Programme, as well as our annual conference in September, is leading a highly engaging online course, Emotions at Work, commencing 19 April, 2021.

Please use the code PPMA21 in the online registration to receive a $200 discount off individual registrations.

If you’d like to hear about group rates for this course for PPMA members, please message [email protected] and we will provide the relevant information to you.

Further details can be found at Emotions at Work

We hope that you take advantage of these fantastic courses at this highly discounted rate.