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The 5th article in our PPMA/SOCPO Past Presidents series to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, is from Rita Sammons. Rita had the task of bringing SOCPO into the new Millennium – and developing connections was key.

“Being President over the Millennium year was an added bonus to the honour of being SOCPO (as it was then) President – remember all the Year 2K hype, these were uncertain times.

My year started brilliantly. Managing to get Dave Ulrich as the Keynote Speaker at the `New Frontiers’ Conference was exciting. He was already an acknowledged HR guru so hearing directly about his latest thinking and challenges for the profession was stimulating.

Communication and making better connections was my key priority for the year. As a result of great support from Hampshire County Council and my team there, I was able to spend quite a lot of time out of the office developing new partnerships, as well as making sure that our view got as much press coverage as possible. It was worrying how few journalists knew us, how little attention the sector got from CIPD and how infrequently the Government considered HR issues! We managed to build closer connections with SOLACE and with the Cabinet Office, as well as with HPMA (Health) and other professional societies.

Getting members involved in shaping the agenda was a priority too. This took the form of a `Building on Strategy` consultation document which among other things looked at the role of the regions and sought to better define and integrate the activities of working groups.

An amazing year, full of great experiences that there isn’t time to detail here, and lots of positive memories.”

Rita Sammons is former president of SOCPO (1999- 2000)

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