Michael Byrne

Founder and MD, Lived Experience Trauma Support

Michael founded ‘Lived Experience Trauma Support (LETs) in 2019 after surviving multiple ‘life traumas’ including the murder of his father, The Clutha Disaster in 2013 and ultimately a Mental Health breakdown.

Michael combines his Lived Experience of Trauma and 33  years career in Local Government and Housing Associations to help Local Authorities and businesses improve the culture towards Mental Health in the workplace and to reduce stigma around mental health through his unique Mental Health training and support services.

Michael is also one of the UK’s leading speakers on Mental Health and has developed his unique programme called ‘9 Steps From Trauma to Triumph’ to help those impacted by Trauma and poor mental health to overcome its effects.


Participating in:

Day 1 Tuesday 15th September

2.45pm -3.45pm

From Trauma to Triumph

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