Maria Paviour  

Occupational Psychologist & Founder Maria Paviour Company Ltd

For over 25 years Maria has studied human psychology, biology and neuroscience, focusing on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment.

Maria’s innovative use of technology resulted in three UK Government and EU awards for measuring and managing stress at work.

Building on this technology and using evidence based research from the last ten years, Maria has developed our flagship tool – CARI™ – giving clients the ability to drill right down into the key aspects of wellbeing and emotional engagement at work. CARI™ provides revealing insights into the barriers that stop your employees from engaging in the workplace.

She’s published three books on neuroscience and leadership, and grown a team of coaching professionals, schooled in her own ‘NeuChem®’ methodology. Harnessing body and mind for better workplace wellbeing.

Maria heads up an occupational psychology consultancy, based at the Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex. The Maria Paviour Company specialise in coaching and leadership development, through emotional engagement and wellbeing at work.

Maria is a top international influencer, speaker and facilitator on organisational and strategic resilience and was recently a keynote speaker at the Ministerial Public Sector Summit in Westminster.


Participating in

Day 2 – Wednesday 15th May

10.00am – 11.00am

Conference Keynote

The Neuroscience Of Work –  Zombies, Vampires, Psychopaths – and Everyday Heroes (aka, the worry and the happy…….) In recognising that we understand the impact good leadership, good engagement etc has on workforces, we also have to better understand what happens when things are not great and how we can sustainably change this for our organisations and the people we service.  So, if work feels difficult, and you are challenged with people, performance and mental health issues, this talk will be enlightening. Maria Paviour, author, award winning neuro psychologist and pioneer of NeuChem ™,  provides a fascinating insight into the world of work, and how extreme management and target driven cultures can create ‘zombification’ a process in which the brains of employees literally close down. Maria will provide guidance on how to overcome the White Collar Psychopaths, Vampires and Zombies that can silently rise and prosper by explaining how to develop a brain friendly ‘work ecology’ and by activating the dormant Super-Hero within who can save us all!

Main Stage – Queens

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