Mandela – One of our Greatest 'People' Advocates

I write this the morning after the night before with respect to the announced death of Nelson Mandela and do so wary of adding to your likely press and media overload that such an event has generated.

The current news on Mandela has focussed very much on the statesman, the leader, the politician, the man who gave up so much of his free life for the benefit of his Country. These are all hugely important attributes of the great man but not what I want to focus on here. What I admire most about Mandela was that he was a people man, someone who lived for his people, not just the masses but individuals as well. And of course he was even more than that, in that he lived for people not just in his own Country but also elsewhere in the World. This is why the death of Mandela is so poignant to us in HR as we have lost one of our greatest advocates who put people first and people beyond all else.  He understood the spiritual side of humanity and the power of the spirit and soul over the physical. Put our way in HR, he understood the importance of the psychological contract in aligning people to what is required and for him the destruction of apartheid and the construction of the “rainbow” society as he put it, was one such goal.

Many of us have been touched by Mandela and even after his death, his legacy will live on within us. God rest his soul and make ours the more worthy.


Your President

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