Dear PPMA Members and Friends

I write this having just braved the horrendous storms hitting the UK to get my poor old cows in from flooded fields. Half a mile of walking them into the barn has taught me that my storm proof coat isn’t, that water proof leggings are fine but slurping along with three inches of water in your wellies from water running down them is not pleasant and that although wearing glasses helps, sideways blasted rain doesn’t half sting the eyes!  And the real lesson for me here is that just maybe, I should have got them in yesterday, rather than me doing the usual which is putting off things today that can be done tomorrow!

But, how many of us do end up doing just that and with such very busy lives we all lead, have to rely more and more on ‘tomorrow’ to fulfil all that is required of us?  This is why I am so grateful to everyone who supports the PPMA, whether it be in a small or a larger way, as any time spent over and above our core activities is precious time. This is why contributors to the PPMA are amazing. Amazing in the time they devote to the PPMA and amazing in what they do. We really are so privileged to have so many great people in our Association and supporting it.

The year for me has also been amazing.  The Association and our people have delivered so much and will continue to in the New Year. As many of you will know, #changingtheworldofwork is very important to me and I and others (you know who you are!) have worked hard to stimulate a change in peoples thinking around the social dynamic of work. I’m delighted to see that others from outside of the Association also see this to be important and there now seems to be a mood swing along such social community based thinking.  I think the New Year will see this develop even further.

My final note is to once again mention one of the best social mood swingers in recent history as he did so much to change the world in his time. Yes, I commemorated him in my last blog, but I mention him again as I believe we can do much to develop our future through the wisdom of others, even if they are no longer able to be with us in person. So, my last message to you in 2013, is to click on this link, dwell on what is said and take on board that which you feel will help us make our world a better place. For that is our role, our purpose our duty.

Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Your President