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Research and evidence

As HR & OD professionals this challenges us to really understand the evidence base for wellbeing.  Are the interventions we have in place cost effective? Do they show a good return on investment? Are there other interventions that might be more effective?

Whilst we will be sharing specific Wellbeing evidence on this page, it’s worth looking at out ‘Let’s Talk: Evidence’ pages to learn more about our take on this.  We’re huge fans of Professor Rob Briner and his team at Bath University, Centre for Evidence Based Management which is focused on increasing the rigour and discipline with which we approach these questions as a community.

There is plenty of research for you to access.  We produce our own – you can see our research programme here. Our sponsors and partners also produce research and there is a range of research produced by trusted bodies that we recommend you read.  PPMA partners in this theme include Neyber, Maria Paviour Company Ltd and Medigold Health.

Our top list of important research is as follows:

PPMA Research

NEED TO PUT CARI 2020 in here.

PPMA Sponsor Research

Neyber materials

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Let’s Talk: Wellbeing Theme Lead

Mykela Pratt

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Thriving at Work – The Stevenson Farmer review of mental health and employers.

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Measuring Well-being and Progress: Well-being Research – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

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