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There is plenty of research for you to access.  We produce our own and our sponsors and partners also produce research.  PPMA partners in this theme include Neyber, Maria Paviour Company Ltd and Medigold Health

Current PPMA Research 

In 2019/20 we are conducting 2 key pieces of research:

  • CARI 2020
  • #outoftheshadows.

CARI 2020

At our May 2019 Annual Conference, we announced that we have entered into a strategic partnership with the Maria Paviour Company (MPC) Ltd.  This partnership reflects our focus on understanding how Neuroscience influences leadership, employee wellbeing and engagement.

MPC Ltd has developed the Care and Resilience Index (CARI) online questionnaire.  Based on extensive academic research, CARI offers a unique approach to understanding individual and organisational wellbeing.  We have agreed to support MPC’s CARI 2020 programme, which seeks to capture wellbeing data for a million public service employees.  This data will help us understanding what the ‘state of the nation’ is with respect to the public service workforce.

We are running a free pilot for up to 50,000 employees.  We are currently conducting the pilot across Greater Manchester.  BUT if you are interested in participating, please contact [email protected].  For organisations who want to participate outside the pilot, MPC has agreed a reduce PPMA rate for conducting CARI.

MPC and PPMA will jointly produce research findings on the data captured.  The data will be kept fully confidential and we are GDPR compliant on this pilot.


You can find out more about our campaign on bullying, harassment and victimisation here.

Other research

The following research comes from a range of sources.  Inclusion on our pages does not count as endorsement of a particular organisation, rather it means we find the research of interest to our membership community.

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Published PPMA Research

We will publish links to completed PPMA research here.  We will publish research due dates on our events calendar.

Want to know more?

Please contact me on [email protected]. We strongly encourage you to get involved in this and all of our themes.

How to Get Involved …

Get in touch with Mykela Pratt via [email protected] or tweet her @MykelaPratt and share your thoughts or examples of best practice.