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7 out of 8 people believe the company they work for does not care about them

People want to be led, not managed

People should not be merely a means to a company’s financial success

Everyone deserves the chance to return home from work each day feeling fulfilled by the work that they do.

Welcome to my let’s Talk…leadership pages!

This year PPMA Board have asked us to consider ‘Human Leadership’ and to challenge ourselves on both our own practice and those around us

Within these pages you will find a range of resources, some theories, some latest thinking and the most interesting part for me with interviews from across our membership

Over the year more resources will be added so please keep checking back for more and if you want to talk Leadership with me, please get in touch with me here:

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The context – so what is Human Leadership

PPMA Board this year agreed a focus on challenging leadership styles and behaviours and building a focus on Human Leadership


Bob Chapman is a well known face and voice for this and it’s about ensuring a focus on the person, building the right environments where people flourish, are encouraged and supported to be their best.

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