We have put together a range of resources for you.  They cover books, websites and videos.  We’ve provided you with a mixture of materials to broaden our conversation.

We hope you find these resources helpful.  But we also encourage you to share resources that you think our colleagues would be interested in.

Case studies

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These are some of our favourite books on future workforce:

  • Linda Gratton, ‘The Shift: The future of work is already here’, Harper Collins Business ISBN 978-0007525850
  • Linda Gratton & Andrew Scott, The 100-Year Life’, Bloomsbury ISBN 978-1472947321
  • Martin Ford, The Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford ISBN 978-1780748481
  • Sarah Kessler,  ‘Gigged’, St Martin’s Press 2018 ISBN 978-1847941749

Video resources

We have put together some of our favourite videos too: