Let’s Talk: Developing our Organisations – Research

Let’s Talk: Developing our Organisations – Research 2019-07-24T17:19:36+01:00

87% of global businesses say diversity and inclusion is an organizational priority

Only 37% of the businesses surveyed task their leaders with specific diversity and inclusion goals

42% admit that diversity is still a barrier to employee progression within the company

Several studies have shown that companies with higher rates of diversity regularly out-perform companies with more homogenous demographics

The Developing Our Organisations theme is broad.  So, we’ll be sharing research here that covers a number of topics. We produce our own research and our sponsors and partners also produce research too.  We will showcase what we think is the most appropriate but would love to hear from you if you recommend other work that we share across our community.

PPMA Research 

We are not currently doing any research on this theme, but we do plan to go back and do a follow up piece on Multigenerational Workforces (see adjacent). If you are interested in participating please do let us know.

Other research

The following research comes from a range of sources.  Inclusion on our pages does not count as endorsement of a particular organisation, rather it means we find the research of interest to our membership community.

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Published PPMA Research

In April 2018 we published our Multigenerational Workforce conducted in partnership with Jobsgopublic.

To access the reports, please email Grace on [email protected]

We will publish new research due dates on our events calendar.

Want to know more?

If you have best practice to share, please contact me [email protected]. We are really keen to highlight the great practice we know is out there.

How to Get Involved …

I would like as many people as possible to join this conversation to help shape this theme and collect resources and best practice that we can all benefit from.

So please do get in touch with me, Fiona McAdoo via [email protected] I look forward to talking with you very soon.
In the meantime I hope you find the following resources interesting – let me know what you think of them.