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Creating genuine learning organisations

Driving organisational change 

Ensuring organisations are inclusive

Our agreed focus for this year

In the spirit of learning together I hope that throughout this year we can collectively shape our focus. Making sure we are challenging one another and our sector to push boundaries and move away from traditional thinking that might hinder our individual and organisations progress.

I’m sure many of you will have come across the quote “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Whether this can be attributed to Einstein or not (there is much debate out there!), my sense is that it can very often be attributed to organisational behaviour. Perhaps together we can break this and make a real and lasting difference?

In order to help shape our focus there are three broad areas we propose to focus on this year:

  • Creating genuine learning organisations – how can we support organisations to become genuine learning environments, which respond to change, learn from failure and continue to improve and grow? We need to recognise both the relational aspects of organisations and the way organisations are ‘wired’, the hard systems. Only when we create change in both areas will we see genuine whole-organisation change.
  • Driving organisational change – how do we ensure our organisations change journey is flowing from real corporate goals, ambitions and evidence? An organisation cannot be developed in isolation from the actual objectives of an organisation. To be real it has to be routed in the reality of the organisations strategy and context.
  • Ensuring organisations are inclusive – how do we ensure organisations enable their employees to, truly, be themselves at work? In order to respond to the demands placed upon them today organisations must recognise that their workforce is their biggest asset, and that diversity in all respects, including diversity of thinking is essential to help them move forward.

Over the next year, in addition to developing these themes further with you, our members, and partners we will be linking in with the other Let’s Talk themes. In particular, Let’s Talk Transformation, Workforce and Leadership. This is because ‘developing our organisations’ is definitely not an end in itself. It is about creating the necessary conditions for an organisation to be successful. Ensuring the organisation can improve and grow.

All of the PPMA themes are aiming to do this and therefore we need to see the whole picture to really focus on how to holistically develop our organisations.

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Let’s Talk: Developing our Organisation Theme Lead

Fiona McAdoo

Email: [email protected]

#Hashtag: #PPMADeveloping

Want to know more?

If you have best practice to share, please contact me [email protected]. We are really keen to highlight the great practice we know is out there.

How to Get Involved …

I would like as many people as possible to join this conversation to help shape this theme and collect resources and best practice that we can all benefit from.

So please do get in touch with me, Fiona McAdoo via [email protected] I look forward to talking with you very soon.
In the meantime I hope you find the following resources interesting – let me know what you think of them.