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Schools have been very much in the news with some teachers’ unions’ strikes over pensions. This brings home how much schools play a part in all our lives, in different ways and times, as pupils, as parents and as employers.

Schools are centre stage in many parts of my life right now. With two sons at high school and a husband who is a teacher, I find myself outnumbered on schools issues as well as the male sense of humour! At work, my HR team at Norfolk supports many of the County’s schools, and I also have the personal privilege of chairing the governing body of a very special junior school in Norwich. I am hugely proud of this school – Ofsted has very recently judged it to be a good school with outstanding prospects for further improvement. A well-deserved outcome and a great testimony to the leadership the school has had from an excellent partnership head teacher and the very effective team he has developed. Last week we had the huge responsibility of choosing a new head teacher for the school-something that is so important to get right.

In our organisations we place a high priority on leadership issues-recruiting them, developing them, supporting and managing talent. Having the right leadership in our schools and especially having the right head teacher is pivotal to the success of a school.

There are significant changes ahead for our schools, with the increasing number of academies and other policy changes.  These and other changes such as the current Review of Teachers’ Standards launched in March are aimed at improving schools and the overall quality of teaching and learning.

All of this represents significant people management and organisational development challenges and it is critical that supporting and developing schools leadership is at the heart of this. As we all know, structural change alone will never be successful in achieving change and improvement, unless wider organisational development issues are addressed. The quantity and quality of head teachers available to lead schools in the years ahead will be pivotal. So it is heartening that the National College of Schools Leadership, has been charged with continuing to invest in work that will ensure the future supply of high quality school leaders.

For PPMA members involved in supporting schools this is an important agenda. For others who may be involved as school governors or parents, or as the future employers of those going through school now, it is equally important.

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