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Helio Vogas is a Leadership & Motivational speaker and one of our #PPMAHR24 keynote speakers. His session on Thursday 25th April 14:00 to 15:00 is on Leadership in Crisis and below he gives us a taster of his upcoming session:

In the world of HR in the public sector, we’re all too familiar with the repercussions of poor leadership: low morale, decreased productivity, high turnover rates, and the list goes on. But what happens when these challenges are amplified during a crisis?

Most likely, we will not have another pandemic in our lifetime. However, there will always be some crisis going on. Maybe it is a cost of living crisis that affects many in your organization, or maybe it is a cultural crisis like the current Israel x Hamas war. It can also be internal matters such as a restricted budget or challenges with policies.

Imagine facing any one of these and feeling ill-equipped to navigate its complexities.

The truth is that crises are inevitable.

Whether it’s a widespread economic downturn, geopolitical tension, or internal policy challenges, sooner or later, every organization will confront adversity.

The question is: What will you do when crisis strikes?

Join me on Thursday, 25 April at the PPMA Conference as we delve into the crucial topic of leadership in crisis situations. I’ll be sharing insights and strategies to help HR professionals in the public sector not only weather the storm but emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Hint: The solution isn’t simply to stick with the status quo. Even if your organization appears to be thriving under normal circumstances, crisis demands a different approach. During my presentation, you’ll discover why and how to adapt your leadership style for maximum effectiveness when it matters most.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and skills that can make all the difference when the next crisis inevitably arises. See you at the conference!

In order to make sure that the session is as enhanced and personal as possible for everyone, it would be great if you would complete this short survey of just 2 questions in the next week or so.

The questions are:
– What leadership challenges are you facing right now or do you feel like you will be facing soon?
– Do you have any stories you would like to share with us of a leadership challenge you solved recently, so Hélio might highlight at his session to help others that might be going through similar challenges?
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Taking part, is of course optional and all responses are strictly anonymous, but your feedback would be really helpful in making sure that this session is as tailored as possible to your specific challenges.

Helio Vogas, Leadership and Motivational Speaker.




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