Layers and Spans – What is the Story?

Last Thursday was one of those days that seemed as if the world decided to off load the contents of their emotional handbag outside my door…a rather dramatic way of saying things were hectic but you get the picture.  I could have decided to work may way through the hysteria and ditch my planned trip to the Local Government Association’s afternoon seminar on ‘Layers and Spans’ however I decided that I would prioritise and deal with the immediate ‘challenges’ – and run down the hill to the train station – not a good luck – jumped on the train and arrived at  the LGA’s office just in time for the beginning of the seminar.

How delighted I was that I made the effort.  There were three great presentations from Council’s who had already commenced on the review of their ‘managerial levels’ and ‘numbers of direct reports’ was part of the LGA’s pilot.  Case studies were presented by Kent County Council, Wolverhampton City Council, Croydon Council and Worcestershire County Council who explained  how they have implemented the DMA Work Levels approach to management layers and spans of control – the lessons learned so far – the highs and pitfalls – all delivered in a very pragmatic and straightforward way.  It was a very informative session and further details can be found on the LGA website.

So on a day when it would have been easy to say..’too hassled and busy to go…’ I am delighted I stepped out of the bunker and broadened my knowledge base which made the journey home as the train broke down for an hour feel quite enjoyable!!

To see and hear more about Croydon’s experience, click on the audio and video players below and we also have further information on our website.

Any experience you have about ‘layers and spans’ would be great to hear your stories.

Leatham Green


This video highlights some of Croydon Council’s experience from the Layers and Spans pilot.


Here is a more detailed audio explanation of how they went about implementing the programme.

Layers and Spans of Control Programme – The Croydon Experience by PPMA

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