Keep Calm and Keep Up!

Hello PPMA members and friends,

January is spinning along and the first few weeks of 2012 have underlined for me the depth and breadth of the changes facing the public sector. Sometimes it can feel like a challenge in itself just to keep pace with the policy and legislative changes. The Public Health Bill for example is accompanied by 103 pieces of secondary legislation.

In HR the challenge is not only to keep pace with these many changes but also to anticipate their implications for our organisations and the workforce.  The organisational development and people management challenges need well planned and careful facilitation. We need to stay alongside our workforce, keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of how people are feeling and behaving. We need to anticipate the changes needed in organisational design and in roles and skills that will be required and how career paths will change as a result.  But these changes will not wait for us so a lot of thinking on our feet is required too. No change there then for those of us used to scary juggling acts!

We are all familiar now with the “keep calm and carry on” motto. And we do need to keep calm, even in the midst of crisis. We do also need to carry on, but we must not carry on regardless! The paradigm has shifted and our thinking and planning must recognise that. We need to do all we can to make sure our organisations and our people are supported to continue to deliver even as they have to change and re-think what they do and how they do it. We need to be thinking about what the public services of tomorrow will look like and plan the changes that tomorrow’s workforce will need.

Just carrying on will not cut it. So for me it’s keep calm…. and keep up!

Until next week,


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