OK Bloggers calm down! Before you think you have another extra-statutory day, or something of that ilk, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to let you down gently…this isn’t going to herald a legitimate ‘duvet-day’, or is it?

The new Coalition Government is rumoured to be contemplating introducing more home working – encouraging employers to allow their employees to work from home one day a fortnight.

Apparently even incentives (yet to be specified) could be introduced to encourage changed work schedules and an increase in flexible hours working. Co-synchronously, plans are been devised for train companies to be asked to review how season tickets operate so the labour force that only work a proportion of the week is not penalised.

Driving (sic) this forward is transport minister Norman Baker. He claims he wants to become the first virtual minister – being apolitical I couldn’t possibly comment. The aim is to ease pressure on the UK’s transport network whilst reducing our overall carbon footprint and Mr Baker hopes to eradicate the spectre of the rush hour through radical measures.

The CBI and Campaign for Better Transport are both in favour. The Association of Train Operating Companies would appear to be less receptive to the idea – no doubt concerned about the impact on revenue that a stay at home workforce might create.

So, do you think the idea will get off the ground, or will it hit the buffers?