It's Challenging Times for the Recruitment of Senior Staff in the Public Sector!

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Hiring the right people is paramount to the success of any organisation, particularly at a senior level. In this blog post, Jobsgopublic, a leading digital recruitment company, talk about some of the recruitment challenges facing the public sector.

“Public sector organisations in the UK today find themselves operating in an entirely different climate than even just a few years ago. Ever-tightening budgets and the changing nature of service delivery have become prevalent challenges faced by leaders.

Effective budget management isn’t a new requirement within the public sector. Doing so at a point where a continuous stream of cuts is coupled with a growing demand for digitisation and an aging workforce is, however, unchartered territory for most.

It is times such as this that highly-effective senior recruitment is of paramount importance. Organisations are being forced to adopt an increasingly commercial focus, something that has never before been an issue to this extent. As a result, organisations find themselves in need of leaders with significant commercial focus; as a solution a growing number are resorting to attempting to lure candidates away from the private sector.

On top of this, we are noticing a rise in shared services between authorities as a way of pooling resources and maximising capabilities. There is also a growing demand for digital services, something that represents a big step forward and requires radical transformation.

In order to effectively tackle these challenges, leaders are required to be proactive and drive significant change, championing digitisation and gaining full support throughout their organisation.

Find out how SmartSearch, Jobsgopublic’s bespoke executive resourcing service, provides a dynamic, yet affordable, approach to senior recruitment through innovative online search and digital attraction by visiting clients.”

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