HR in the Public Sector is Highly Valued by Leaders – Just One of the Findings From our 2016 HR Trends Survey

Hello PPMA members and friends

Earlier this year we surveyed our members and colleagues to build a picture of the role HR is playing in their organisations in the PPMA’s 40th year and at this time of change in the public sector. The responses have now been analysed and compiled into a report titled “HR in the Public Sector”.

Our research found that not only is the input of people managers valued by senior colleagues, but that HR is very much seen as critical to driving change. Not surprisingly, we also established that there are challenges ahead as reduced resources impact on the way we can support organisations. Around half of those surveyed said that either the size of the HR budget (49%) or the HR team (51%) was inadequate to do the job. Some 70% of expect their HR budget to fall in the year ahead.

Another key finding is that the HR strategy for the next two years has already been set in 47% of organisations while some four in ten (38%) are currently putting a strategy in place.

Looking to the future, public sector people managers expect the scope and the way HR teams work to change. Four in ten (42%) said they expected to move to a model of shared services with other councils and around a third (35%) said they would be supporting other public bodies.

To read the full report click here


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