How to Raise HR's Credibility – by Hamish Davidson

Dear PPMA members and friends

I should like to introduce you to a long standing friend of the PPMA by the name of Hamish Davidson who some of you would have heard at the 2013 Seminar in Bristol. Hamish has many attributes and these would include being outspoken, opinionated, not suffering fools and being dogged determined to make the world a better place.

In truth, I’ve only met Hamish three times but I am really taken by his sense of opinion and high brow thought leadership. Hamish is dead bright! Whilst all that he says may not be agreeable, what is true is that someone needs to say it and in this Hamish excels. All of us should sometimes hold ourselves up to the mirror and ask ourselves, why are we doing this and could we do what we do better. Read Hamish’s HID Paper on Raising HR’s Credibility and perhaps you will find some answers!

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With best wishes to all

Richard Crouch

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