How customer focussed is your HR team?

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It is worth reminding ourselves from time to time that in HR we are there to support our organisations-all that we do is to that end and not for its own sake. So it’s important that we think about our “customers – who they are, what they think of “us” in HR and about what we do for them.

A few weeks ago I spent the morning with my team managers in HR, exploring how we can further improve what we do. Some of my very customer focussed team had taken the initiative to go out to ask managers across the organisation for their feedback about HR, and for good measure recorded their comments, so that we could all hear it “from the horses’ mouth”. It made thought provoking listening, with some great suggestions on things we should do better. I’m pleased to say there were a lot of positives, but even with those there was more to do than pat ourselves on the back since they offered good learning about what is most important to our customers. One of those is that we have purposeful approaches to people management issues that support the organisation, and are not seen as an end in themselves.

So I leave you with two questions–thinking about your own customers, how do you know what they think about HR in your organisation and do you respond to their needs with standard responses or appropriate responses?


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