How Big or Small is Your World?

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Yvonne Skingle, a PPMA National Policy Lead and Director at Penna Executive Search writes for us this week and she says it’s always a good time to review and rethink your tired working practises – so break the cycle!

“There are many world issues to stand back and consider  – climate change, war, poverty, the first British man on the moon, to name just a few…

It’s a really strong reminder that we sometimes get wrapped up in our professional and personal lives and don’t really pay enough attention to the broader issues that will impact on our families and children in the years to come.

It’s a good reminder too that it’s healthy to think about the way we operate – time for a rethink and review!

As someone who travels in the UK a lot, I wonder what would happen if we changed some of our long established practices and used technology more to skype or face time our clients:

● Would you feel that the level of service wasn’t the same?
● Would you get the same inter personal engagement with  partners?

It could save councils travel costs and make for a smarter way of operating – saving time and energy and helping the climate!

For some clients, we are still asked to print off recruitment packs – ‘save the trees’ is what I say!

I for one am going to softly challenge my clients to think about the way they operate as some of the narrative and practice doesn’t always tie up:

● We all talk about being more ‘business like’ and commercial and then we produce traditional long job profiles written in local government speak and want candidates to complete an eight page application form to respond to our jobs;
● When did we last review our careers sites and proposition to the market place?
● When did you last audit your recruitment process – we did one recently and saved the authority a lot of money or discovered three quick wins that will ensure talent is attracted at lower cost.
● When did you last walk in your customers or candidates shoes and see the world from another perspective?
● When did you last contact four other organisations to check on their practice without reinventing the wheel?
● When did you last look at a new operating model and stand above what you currently do?

So how do we break the cycle and by the way, when was the last time you left off early without feeling guilty!

Yvonne Skingle is a PPMA National Policy Lead and Director at Penna Executive Search

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