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Well, I’m finally back from holiday and I’d like to thank both Gillian and Dean for their contributions to the blog whilst I’ve been away. I’d particularly like to thank Gill for her extremely kind comments, even if they did make me feel very humble and slightly embarrassed!

Being on holiday made me realise just how much effort being PPMA President requires – I was pretty frazzled before having 2 weeks of sitting on a tropical beach not doing much. It isn’t for the faint hearted and means a “ruthless” focus on priorities at all times – both PPMA and the day job. The Association has been fortunate to have the services of some exceptional Presidents in the past and my level of respect for them has only increased as my own term of Office continues.

However, lots to update and lots going on (as always). Some key highlights as follows:

– PPMA has joined forces with Personnel Today to support the “Ditch the Default” campaign. This means that we are equally supporting the campaign to get Government to remove the default retirement age from law. For the ageing public sector workforce profile, it is a real no brainer to apply a default retirement age….people can make valued contributions to public services at any age and we should support this. I’d urge PPMA members to sign the PT petition on the Number 10 website, which can be found here.

– I promised to announce our new Lead Officers for PPMA. It was a hard set of decisions to make, but I’m delighted to confirm that Jack Markiewicz, Director of H R and Change at Swindon Borough Council, is our new Lead for Talent Management. Martin Rayson, Director of Resources from Boston Borough Council has been confirmed as our H R Transformation lead (I met with him and other colleagues last Friday, they are doing some great work). And last, but by no means least I’m really pleased to welcome Janice Joannou, Head of Organisational Development at the London Borough of Croydon, as our new Lead for Diversity. All talented, skilled and committed people – they’ll make immediate contributions to our work. The knock on effect however is that with Jack moving to take over Talent Management, we will need a new Lead Officer for Pensions – applications welcome folks for this critical role!

– You might have noticed that PPMA members did really well in the Personnel Today Power Players List for 2008 – I’m delighted we have 3 people in the top 10. Yours truly was gob smacked to be number 7, until a cheeky colleague suggested that only a Director of H R from Scotland could be 007…..don’t worry no bad Sean Connery impressions will follow!  I did however want to say thanks to all those who chose to vote for me and other PPMA colleagues – it’s a privilege to represent you and public sector H R generally.

– Anyway talking of foreign travel earlier in the Blog, I thought you be interested to know that our very own Dean Shoesmith is currently undertaking an American sojourn – to Las Vegas of all places. Dean kindly agreed to represent the PPMA at our American cousins annual conference. We’ll all get a chance to share in Dean’s letter from America upon his return via the PPMA website (Letter from America is a good song by the way – but not as good as 500 miles for all you Proclaimers fans out there….Anne Gibson, you have been named and shamed!).

And that’s it for now folks – more to update later this week, including CIPD related contributions by PPMA.

Best wishes as always.


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