'Happiness' is Going Beyond Engagement

Dear members and friends

On my way back from my last Board Meeting, I thought I would share one ‘happy’ story with you. ( I will share the full outcomes from the Board in the next Newsletter).
The Board was joined by the guest speaker Susanna Halonen, a Happyologist that I’ve mentioned before in a blog and who has submitted one blog piece for us already and will be submitting an article in the forthcoming Newsletter.

Susanna has a great offering and I thought on ‘happy Friday’ I would share some of her insights with you just to tempt you to want some more. Firstly, Susanna’s very straightforward definition of organisational happiness is ‘going beyond engagement’.  Secondly, that 75 percent of performance is based on attitude rather than technical ability or knowledge. Not something we don’t know in HR but worth being reminded about. Thirdly, it takes only 1 in a team of 5 to spread positiveness showing how infectious it is.

Tips on getting a happy workforce include:

1. +ve leadership

2. Providing autonom

3. Focusing on strengths with L and D not weaknesses

4. Creating +ve relationships

5. Showing and being appreciative.

One simple exercise for us all to do:

Think of three things we are grateful for. Repeat this each day for 21 days to break the natural instinct of thinking negatively.

All sounds simple but very powerful. Give it a go and see what happens.

Susanna Halonen is a coach, trainer and speaker at Happyologist. She offers one-to-one coaching,workshops and talks to help you find your best performance through a happier, more passionate life and career. Find out more here: Happyologist.co.uk

With best wishes and be happy


Your President

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