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Guest blogger Jenny O’Neill, CIPD Resourcing & Talent Planning Forum Lead at Buckinghamshire CC, gives her view on what’s important in the world of talent management and resourcing and also shares some of her personal resolutions.

“Key worker shortages continued to develop as a major workforce theme with constant headlines about the need for more teachers, doctors, nurses and social workers – the people who are the backbone of our public services.

Attracting talent into these roles remains a top priority for many of us and finding creative and innovative ways to overcome the resourcing challenges continues to be a critical area of focus. This, as ever, means shaking things up, doing things differently and anticipating further changes down the line. And all this change is good! I love the fact that my friend who is about to turn 50 has just begun training to become a teacher alongside a number of young people I know who are also choosing to work in public services.

Diverse organisations that attract talent across the spectrum encouraging continuous learning and showing they are willing to apply fresh ideas, is a great thing.

Overcoming some of the resourcing challenges we face has also meant we have all had to lift our heads up a bit more and take a look at what other people and organisations are doing. This is why PPMA and CIPD are such important professional networks.

Talking to other people, collaborating and sharing problems helps us to harness new ideas to everyone’s benefit. And in budget strapped times, we can pilot new approaches and share resources and investment costs.

My work resolution continues to be, to keep my head up, my focus wide and stay in touch with what’s going on around me – referencing outside my organisation as well as in. Challenges in public services are not going away and the more we understand from each other, the better placed we will be to meet them with broad insight and tested solutions that work.

On a personal level it’s all about staying healthy and thinking about sustainability. As a family we are shifting to an increasingly vegetarian diet (my daughter became vegan last year and she has certainly had an influence on the rest of us!) but I’m also increasingly conscious of not taking health, or our planet for granted!”

Jenny O’Neill is CIPD Resourcing & Talent Planning Forum Lead, Buckinghamshire CC

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