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Dear All

I write this early on the May Bank Holiday Monday having just done the school run (yes my son was not pleased!) and before I do the usual chores expected of a part time farmer  – chores that are mostly of a toiletry nature.  Well… drinking 20 gallons of water and eating grass all day, does have certain consequences!  I suspect most PPMA Members will not be ensconced in such ruminant activities today but probably more into taking a walk in the sea air to get off those accumulated folds from eating too much homemade apple crumble over the weekend. The point I am so delicately making here is that whether you are a ruminant or an omnivore, most actions simply lead to reactions!

As my Presidential term comes to a close (and yes this is my last President’s blog), it is time for me to dwell just for a moment on the past year and contemplate whether the actions of the PPMA over this period have led to reactions.  This I find a tricky question to answer as our contribution, like many aspects of HR and OD itself, is not easy to determine. Now, if our role was to make widgets then our outputs would be quite easy to register, but thankfully we don’t. What we do is contribute to make organisations and the people who work within them and with them perform better and measuring better performance of a human being is not always easy!  This of course is why metrics in our profession are absolutely key if we are going to ensure our worth in our organisations does not come into question.

Saying all that, even if we don’t have metrics to rely on, most of us in HR and OD have pretty good emotional intelligence antennae to tell us what our impact is and I think for the PPMA we have this last year provided a very positive contribution to our profession, our sector and our organisations. The acid test to this though is the big ‘what if’ question that I know one or two have asked in the past and that is would the PPMA be missed if it no longer existed?  I think this is an interesting question and I would like in my final blog to hit it head on. In short I think it would be missed. I continue to believe that the best thinking, research and practitioner development in applied HR and OD is absolutely critical and in this respect there is no one organisation that fulfils that role better than the PPMA. This is down to the way the PPMA operates through its sponsors (and I thank them all) and its Members.

And this leads me on to my final message which comes full circle in my own career and that is one of personal involvement and contribution. I started off my career as a lecturer in further education. As a young and very green lecturer I was advised by my then Head of Service as part of my induction that in teaching you only get what you put into it.  I took this advice and contributed all my worth into my job and my students. They prospered and so did I.  They succeeded in gaining the jobs they wanted and I succeeded in gaining what I wanted. What I say to those Members on the sidelines of the PPMA is GET INVOLVED.  Get involved to help your profession, your organisations, fellow members and yourself.

And finally, my best wishes to you all for the future. I have made many friends in the PPMA and I have valued your support enormously.  On Wednesday I hand over the Presidential reigns to Louise and wish her well for the forthcoming year and hope she enjoys the role as much as I have.



Your President

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