Friday the 13th and a couple of weeks after!

Hi All

Sorry for the lengthy delay in providing you with another post, so here goes!

Friday the 13th saw the launch of Raising the Standard – all very successful I hear (but due to snow I was again stuck at home – grrr!).

Until last week my external media stuff had been quiet, with good reason…I was at risk of redundancy as a result of a senior management reorganisation within my authority. However, I’m pleased to say that I’ve come through the other side of this unscathed and will emerge in April in my new incarnation as Corporate Director (People, Policy and Law) for Cambridgeshire CC. A larger and more challenging role, which I’m looking forward to taking on – who says us “senior” types have ‘safe’ jobs in the public sector?

Oh and before you ask, yes I had to apply and survive a really testing interview process. Thanks to friends and colleagues for all their support and kind words pre and post interview, it’s always good to know you’ve got some supporters at times like this!

With my personal position clarified, normal service will now be resumed and you may have seen I’ve written another piece for People Management (particular thanks to Janice Joannou for her contribution to this) – comments welcomed in response on the Blog.

And finally – I’ve been my usual opinionated self in Personnel Today (PT) last week. Rather than roll over and accept the public sector media bashing on pay, pensions and performance issues, I thought I’d round off my Presidency with a bit of a defence of public services and public servants especially (backed up with a bit of economic reality). I have another piece scheduled for PT next week, I hope it hits the mark!

Best wishes


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