Dear PPMA colleagues and friends, our Vice President Karen took part in a Seminar which one of our Platinum partners, Matrix-SCM recently in Newcastle.  The theme of the session was How Councils can keep control of recruitment costs.  It’s always a really timely subject as we know there are real challenges in recruiting to some key posts, e.g., Social Workers, Town Planners.  However we also know that recruiting to roles that fall across health and social care can also be a real challenge because of different terms and conditions of employment.

In addition, Sarah France-Gorton from award winning North Yorkshire County Council shared her considerable experience in this area.  North Yorkshire have done some incredible work over the years to minimise the cost of agency resource in particular – so if you can, they are worth talking to.  You might find the following blog from Chris Grimes at Matrix interesting.  Additionally this whitepaper is also well worth a read.

Happy reading, there’s always something to learn about this topic.