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Stephen Moir was PPMA President between 2007 and 2009 and in this week’s post he describes the evolution process the sector had to go through during his Presidential period

“Anniversaries always provide a great opportunity to look to the past, as well as thinking about the future.

Thinking back to being PPMA President, I remember being most anxious about my theme for the dreaded presidential address. I spent a lot of time thinking about what was happening in the world of HR and in the public sector. In the end, I landed on a theme of ‘Evolution or Extinction: the future for HR in public services’. This enabled me to do exactly what a great and much missed former President, Jan Parkinson, and I talked about – ‘to provoke the profession’.

Being brave enough to stand up and to call out some of the hard truths about working in HR, including: the need to cull the HR dinosaurs; to cease the perpetual navel gazing and to stop the victim mentality about not having a seat at the top table was a massive thing for me, looking back.

They were hard truths, but they needing saying and perhaps they need re-stating in some cases.

PPMA gave me that opportunity to really express my views and personal opinions about HR from a national platform. PPMA helped me find my professional voice and you know what? It’s probably been impossible to shut me up ever since and I’d not change a thing.

I remain deeply grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity – thank you PPMA and Happy Birthday!”

Stephen Moir is former president of PPMA (2007-2009)

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  1. Carole Grimwood 2nd July 2015 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    A fine conference!First time I experienced the piping of the haggis!

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