PPMA is delighted to announce the Winners and Highly Commended Organisations of our annual Excellence in People Management Awards 2021.

Best Innovation in Recruitment – Sponsored by

Entrants will be able to showcase a recruitment campaign which has utilised innovation in a way that had maximum impact on the campaign

  • WINNER – Penna with HMGCC
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – The Ministry of Justice
  • Somerset County Council
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority with Reed Talent Solutions

Best Creative Concept Recruitment Campaign – Sponsored by Inner Professional

This award recognises the best creative concept for a recruitment campaign. This can be in print, digital, or events etc, but should be representative of a whole campaign with supporting evidence

  • WINNER – Penna with Richmond and Wandsworth
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Somerset County Council
  • Penna MI5
  • Norfolk County Council

Best Workforce Transformation Initiative – Sponsored by The MJ

The workforce has forever changed. Motivated and involved employees, with the right behaviours and attitudes, are key to delivering customer focused and flexible services. Public Services need to manage and motivate their workforces to increase productivity and transform local public services.

This award provides an excellent opportunity for public service organisations to shine a light on their achievements. How have they engaged and managed their workforces through major service transformation and delivered unique and improved services for customers and local communities, whilst at the same time providing a richer work experience for employees.

Has your organisation adopted a truly unique and innovative approach to workforce transformation?

The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate that they have truly led the field in terms of workforce transformation. They will show how they have built a productive workplace through employee engagement and countered the negative impact disengagement can have on organisational performance.

  • WINNER – London Borough Hounslow
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – St Helens Council
  • Wigan Council
  • Somerset County Council

Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative (including mental health, general health & Safety) – Sponsored by Rainmaker Consulting Group 

Entrants in this category will be able to show evidence of a  health, safety and/or wellbeing initiative that has significantly impacted the engagement, commitment, health and wellbeing of the workforce through the adoption of creative and innovative interventions.

  • WINNER – Northumberland County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Leicestershire County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Walsall Council
  • Education Training Foundation
  • Shared Services Connected Limited – SSCL
  • Leeds City Council
  • oneSource – London Boroughs of Havering & Newham
  • Manchester City Council

Best Employer and TU Partnership – Sponsored by Salary Finance 

This award recognises the importance of effective and respectful partnerships with trade unions across the public sector. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate how such meaningful partnerships can achieve sustained improvements for the workforce, the organisation and the communities we serve.

  • WINNER Northumberland County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED –  London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Best Talent Programme – Sponsored by Tribepad

Skills shortages have been identified as a concern by all parts of the public sector as well as at the highest level of government, and the impending exit from the EU means that more than ever before, organisations will need to identify and develop their talent, enhancing internal mobility and capability.

This award recognises employers who are seeking to address this challenge by implementing a future-fit, evidence based and ethical talent management strategies to address current and future needs of their organisation.

  • WINNER – Somerset County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Rhondda Cynon Taf Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Walsall Council
  • Northumberland County Council

Best Inclusion and Diversity Programme/Initiative – Sponsored by Crown Commercial Services

This award is open to an organisation or a partnership presenting evidence of a diverse and inclusive culture that permeates the workforce and/or the broader local area.

The submission could demonstrate the organisation’s attempts to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees, and members, and describe how this is helping to attract and retain talent.

It could include internal initiatives to promote a wide range of careers on the organisation to appeal to different people. The entry could alternatively focus more on the broader local area, highlighting initiatives to foster diversity and help facilitate inclusion across the local community.

It may include how your organisation has worked with other businesses and other organisations to improve opportunity or participation. It could look at engagement.

  • WINNER – British Transport Police
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – London Borough of Newham
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Tribepad – Richmond and Wandsworth Council
  • Penna – GCHQ
  • Penna – Bank of England
  • Northumberland County Council
  • Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Best Change Management Organisation Development Initiative – Sponsored by Penna

This new award will be presented for the entry that shows the most effective initiative or programme resulting in substantial change in an organisation.

  • WINNER – Norfolk County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea
  • Trafford Council

Best Partnership / Collaboration – Sponsored by Matrix-SCM 

This award is open to two or more public sector or public / private sector bodies working together. As public services seek to provide more seamless, efficient and integrated service and systemic leadership they are increasingly working with other public sector bodies across traditional organisational boundaries. This award is open to partnerships centred around either the joint work of two or more public / private sector or around the joint work of several organisations collaborating together.

  • WINNER – Brentwood Borough Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Greater Manchester HR and OD Collaboration – hosted by Wigan Council
  • Tribepad – Richmond and Wandsworth Council
  • Norfolk County Council
  • Bradford Council – Health and Social Care Economic Partnership
  • one source – London Boroughs of Havering and Newham

Excellence in Service Delivery : The Unsung Heroes – Sponsored by Oracle

A significant aspect of any HR/OD team is the unsung operational heroes who impact upon the lives of every employee of their organisations each and everyday through recruitment, payroll, pensions and general employee support. These essential services make and break the reputations of any HR/OD service and we want to celebrate the best of the best!

These essential services are the most visible face of HR/ OD and this category seeks entries from teams who have demonstrated consistency of the highest level set alongside creativity and innovation in their service provision with a clear outcome evidence by user engagement and feedback.

  • WINNER – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Leeds City Council
  • Wigan Council
  • Breckland District Council

Service Super Stars – Sponsored by Commercial Services Group

Without question, COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the very best in public services, with frontline workers across the country going far above and beyond their personal and professional duties. There have been thousands of public service superstars across the country, and now we are looking for the individuals and teams that have really shone.

  • Individual Service Super Star – WINNER – Peter Jones from Wigan Council
  • Team Service Super Stars – WINNERS – Derbyshire County Council
  • Service Super Star Leader of the Year – WINNER – Lisa Selby from Wigan Council

Public Sector Team of the Year – Sponsored by Real World Group

This award recognises the public sector team that has gone above and beyond the day to day work of HR & OD colleagues. This team will be seen as a role models for excellent practice nationally.

  • WINNER – Leicestershire County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Northumberland County Council
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED – Somerset County Council
  • Wigan Council
  • North Yorkshire County Council

HR Leader of the Year – Sponsored by Rainmaker Consulting Group  

Members of the HR/OD leadership team at any level, are a vital support for the chief executive and elected members and to the efficient and effective running of the authority. This category recognises this important role and welcomes examples of strategic leadership above and beyond, ingenuity, results, values, motivational abilities and leadership in disruption as seen by citizens, partners, staff, politicians and peers.

  • WINNER – Tracy Brennand from Tameside Council

GOLD AWARD – Sponsored by Hammond Clarke 

Awarded to the best overall winner, the winner of this award will be selected from all of the categories winners.

  • Silver – Leicestershire County Council
  • Bronze – Northumberland County Council 

The PPMA Excellence in People Management Awards 2022 will be open in the next few weeks – we look forward to your entries.


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