Hello PPMA members and friends

This post was written by our good friends and supporters Tribepad and it forms part of an ED&I mini series, where they interview teams nominated for In-house recruitment’s Diversity and Inclusion Award. In this edition they talk to Phillip Wilson, Chief Physiologist & Chief Assessor at the Civil Service on how Fast Stream & Early Talent is helping to build a diverse Civil Service Workforce.

Tribepad continued it’s commitment to EDI last year, sponsoring the award for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Strategy at the In-house Recruitment Awards 2023. We were lucky enough to speak to several of the nominated teams in a fiercely contested category!

In the second instalment of our EDI spotlight mini-series, our CCO, Neil Armstrong, chats with Philip about his role as Chief Psychologist & Chief Assessor for the Civil Service Fast Stream, and how they’re shaping the future of recruitment in the sector. Here’s how it went…

Watch the interview with Phillip below, you’ll learn:

  • How the goal was set for the Civil Service’s graduate programme, rated number two in the times top 100, to become the most inclusive programme in the UK
  • How they’re going about this and the types of diversity they’re focussing on
  • The early successes they’re having

Find out more about Tribepad’s commitments to DE&I Strategy,  as well as how our software makes your recruitment fairer, faster and better for everyone.