Cutbacks in the Public Sector – What Professional Support Should the PPMA Offer?

Last Friday, on the day of the PPMA Policy Board, there were headlines in The Independent newspaper about the loss of at least 20,000 jobs in local government up and down the country. As we lead up to a general election all parties are talking about cut backs in the public sector and we know that because of the nature of our business that means less people employed so the numbers could be higher than those reported.

The board discussed this very serious issue and agreed that we should send out a note asking members what they would like to see from the PPMA by way of professional support. The topics could range from the technical, e.g. how do you downsize? through to planning for the future. The range of issues could potentially be quite wide, so feedback as to what people are seeing as pressing needs will be helpful.

Responses will be circulated to the board, which includes the regional chairs, and we will have to decide on how best we can add value at this difficult and stressful time.

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