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Most often in our blog posts, we showcase the work of others to learn, benchmark and share all the good practice there is out there. In this post, I’m not going to do that but instead showcase some of the great work that we in the PPMA are doing and some of the people doing it. Last week was a case in point when we held the first of three repeat events for HR Directors and their Chief Executives on ‘Creating the future workforce’. These events are about trying to picture the public sector of the future and planning, at a strategic level, its human resource requirements.

The event last week was great on a number of levels. Firstly, both HR and the most senior organisational manager, the CEO, were in the same room speaking exactly the same language. A picture that you, the Membership, painted at the Bristol Seminar as being where we as a profession and an Association needs to be positioned. Secondly, the event was a joint event between the PPMA, Solace and the LGA. And by ‘joint’ I mean joint in that it was seamless between the three organisations, each contributing in their own space for the holistic good. Thirdly, as a result of all of this there were some seriously great outputs.

Those of us who have organised this type of event know that it doesn’t come easy and the more partners involved the harder it is. My sincere thanks therefore go to Andreas Ghosh and Mel Wood for the terrific work they have done on this on behalf of the PPMA, Sarah Messenger and team from the LGA for some great facilitation and Terry McDougall from Solace who draw on her amazing personality to kick off the event with gusto. I also wish to thank my CEO, Sheila Wheeler for her stunning introduction which had me scribbling profusely!

The next two events are on the 22nd and 29th May in Leeds and Birmingham and I look forward to them being as equally dynamic. Most of all, I look forward to the membership receiving the collective outputs in due course, which are sure to be of serious interest to those who want to have a glimpse into the future.


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