Community resources

One of the strengths of the PPMA community is out networking and our desire to support each other.

Over and above the digital support we are offering in terms of WhatsApp groups and PPMA Zoom Rooms, for the duration of Covid 19, we will be sharing some resources that members are willing to share here.  Other resources will be available via our Knowledge Hub (PPMA members only) and our PPMA App.

We are sharing materials about the following topics on this page:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) covering all aspects of workforce
  • Remote working
  • Redeployment within and across public service organisations
  • Pay and general terms and conditions of employment questions
  • Employee engagement and comms
  • Supporting our leaders and managers.

Partner and sponsor resources

We are working with our sponsors to ensure we can still provide you with accessible and relevant content.  We will post that here where it makes sense.  But please also keep an eye out on our events calendar as we will be posting future webinar events there.

If you would like to share resources with us we would love to hear from you.  You can email Karen at [email protected] or Grace at [email protected].

We ask that if you are going to share these resources that you respect the spirit in which we are sharing them.  Please credit PPMA and the original organisation when sharing this material.  

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Disclaimer: PPMA is a membership association for public service HR & OD professionals. We do not attempt to provide scientific analysis or interpretation.  Our aim with these pages is to provide the most comprehensive view of available and relevant Co-vid 19 resources for our community. We will keep these materials as up to date as resources permit.

PPMA Covid 19 Podcast Series

Starting week commencing 13th April, we are delivering a series of Podcasts touching on the different HR & OD aspects of the Covid 19 pandemic.  We will  publish the podcast here and we will be adding new topics over the next few months.

  • Series overview 
  • Wellbeing in the context of Covid 19
  • Applying behavioural science
  • Managing employee engagement and effective communications in crisis
  • Supporting our leaders and managers.

Covid research

We can learn a lot about how our organisations have responded to this challenge.  And capturing that learning so that it can be translated into useful learning for the future is key.

At present, PPMA does not plan to do any specific research.  However we will share opportunities to participate in research programmes here.  We are only sharing those that we believe are credible and will result in genuine learning and inform public service HR & OD.

We encourage you to support where you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be updating our own FAQ document regularly.  But we are sharing FAQ documents that PPMA members have produced (and for Local Government members relevant LGA advisories).  Each of our organisations context are slightly different so these documents will give you ideas of the questions and answers you will need to think about.

Covid 19 Employment Law FAQ’s, LGA Workforce

Employee FAQs Coronavirus 26th March 2020 Lincolnshire County Council

LGA Workforce advisory on key workers, (undated)

NJC Covid 19 circulars, LGA Workforce Team

Remote working


Top Tips for Virtual Meetings, Wiltshire Council

Top 10 tips for working from home

Working from Home pro tips, Wiltshire Council

Working Remotely Guide – 12 Top Tips, London Borough of Camden

Webinars and podcasts

Making Virtual Work, a webinar from The Mind Gym

Employee engagement and comms


Sample Staff support webpages from Joined up Care Derbyshire

Sample Campaign Resources for engaging staff in creating a Covid 19 support campaign from Hertfordshire County Council

Pay, T & C’s and General Issues

A range of pay and terms and conditions related issues have arisen over the last few weeks.  The following information captures learning from our community and government guidance.

We will be updating these documents on an ongoing basis.

Basic pay


Co-vid 19 related absence

Co-vid 19 Testing Facilities, Salford City Council & Partners – Case Study 20/04/2020

Co-vid 19 Testing, Norfolk County Council & Partners – Case Study 22/04/2020

Furlough Guidance , 06/04/2020

Redeployment Guidance, 04/04/2020

RIDDOR Reporting


Other than key workers, most public servants are working from home.  The need to ensure that front line colleagues are focused on supporting Covid 19 activities, significant workforce redesign and redeployment has been needed.

To support redeployment many PPMA members have been asking staff to volunteer and provided information that can support a redeployment.  For many organisations, this need to re-adjust workforces has accelerated existing workforce planning (WP) activities. For those who don’t currently do this work, this exercise is capturing the data needed to provide a strong foundation for future strategic workforce planning.

This section includes redeployment questionnaires and staff communications. Questions about the contractual elements of redeployment are included in the Pay and Ts & Cs section.

Covid 19 Business Continuity Survey North Yorkshire County Council

Flexible Resourcing Message to all staff 25th March 2020 Lincolnshire County Council

Flexible Resourcing 2020 Questionnaire Lincolnshire County Council

I Count intranet page requesting volunteers Staffordshire County Council

Key Worker Letter – Managers and Key workers V1 North Yorkshire County Council

Key Worker Letter – Schools V0.1 North Yorkshire County Council

Supporting leaders and managers

In this section we are including:

  • guidance for managers to use in a range of circumstances and on topics included elsewhere in this page of the Covid 19 hub
  • materials to support leaders and managers manage their own needs


Guidance for managers – employees with child care responsibilities, Wiltshire Council

Guidance on supporting employees through bereavement or serious illness of a close relative, Wiltshire Council

Guide to Managing Remote Teams, London Borough of Camden

How to help someone you’re worried about open up about their feelings, The Samaritans

Supporting Bereavement, Surrey County Council

Visible Leadership – How to engage with your teams during uncertain times , Essex County Council

Working from Home – Manager Tips_Keeping in Touch, Wiltshire Council

Videos and podcasts

SHUSH video tips to help managers have conversations with people who may be struggling, The Samaritans

Public Health Materials

In this section, you will find a wide range of resources about the work our Public Health colleagues are doing on Covid 19 and how it is relevant to HR & OD professionals.  



PPMA Community Updates

This section provides contains information about the key issues that you are all dealing with to respond to Covid 19.  It covers issues such as remote working, redeployment, supporting our leaders and managers and so on.

You can also find examples of great work being done by PPMA members and colleagues across public services.



Useful links

There is a wealth of material available on Coronavirus Covid 19.  We’ve picked out the best for you.



Behavioural Science

We have been hearing alot about the role of behaviour science in the Governments response to Covid 19.  You can find out much more about the science here and examples that you can use in your organisations.



Being well, staying well

Keeping well ourselves and supporting others in these unprecedented times is going to be critical. 

You can find a wide range of resources here to help and support you.



Myth Busters

What’s real and what’s fantasy?

Working out what’s real and what isn’t can be difficult at the best of times.  But in this pandemic, sharing the wrong information can literally risk lives.  We’ve pulled together the best of the myth busters information available and we will keep this updated.