PPMA Webinar Sessions

We are happy to be running a series of joint lunchtime learning webinar sessions with some of our sponsors and colleagues addressing an array of topics, many of which address the current issues we are facing.



Many of our webinars are open for PPMA non- members to join live, however if you are unable to make the live event or wish to view the recordings of any of our webinars then these are only available to our membership community. We also have a number of online events which are available to our members only.

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The below recorded webinars give an insight into the type of sessions we have on offer:

Lessons in Resilience Coaching in the NHS during Covid 19 with Hazel Anderson Turner

Leading a pool of coaches providing resilience coaching to an NHS Trust throughout 2020 has caused me to reflect on our understanding of resilience, particularly in times of crisis. I will be sharing my reflections about what I heard and what I’ve learnt and how it relates to the approach I use, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

www. hazelandersonturner.co.uk

Sparkle & Learn from PPMA’s Award Winners British Transport Police

We are thrilled to introduce to you the team from British Transport Police (BTP) who scooped this year’s award for Best Social Media Recruitment Campaign, sponsored by TribePad, and Bronze medal winners in the overall ‘winner or winners’ category.

Sue Williams, PPMA’s Deputy Chair from the North Region will be joined by Matt Ingram-Smith from our sponsor TribePad as they talk to the team from BTP and how they pushed the boundaries in using social media to great effect both in attracting a stronger community of diverse applicants and enhancing the brand and reputation for BTP.

A session not to be missed.

Exploring how we identify and deliver Social Value in partnership with Councils with Matrix

In this session we will explore the different activities we run with clients to make sure our social value work supports local communities. Working with partners to drive engagement above and beyond what is contracted.

Can Ayurvedic Perfumes Influence Your Mood and Performance

For this session we are joined by Nuthan Manohan, CEO and Founder of Me Met Me offering your team, simple, effective, science-backed modules on dealing with stress, insomnia, anxiety, immunity, grief, menstrual discomforts etc.

Met Met Me design well researched Mind Body Interventions (MBI) based on Vedic Wellness and Ayurvedic Perfumery. To ensure best results, the interventions as well as the perfumes are both personalised. After all, one size never fits all.

Fragrance has a well established connection with mood, learning, performance etc.  The Indic medicine system of Ayurveda considers various biological and social parameters to create unique blends that have therapeutic benefits. Learn about Chakras and their connection to fragrance oils.

Live Q&A’s from Session:

Hope without Illusion

In this webinar, Kathryn Waddington will join Leatham in conversation to explore:

Why is there an enduring need for compassion individually, institutionally, politically, and globally.

Provide a framework for cultivating critical compassion in the workplace.

Maintaining a Positive Focus on Performance and Productivity

Join Leatham Green who will be in conversation with one of the UK’s top leadership coaches and the internationally respected author Rebecca Watson who will explore the emerging trends around the subject of performance and productivity during the Corona virus pandemic. Rebecca will draw on her wide ranging experience and expertise from across all sectors to share ideas that will support leaders in the challenging months ahead and how we can keep a focus on productivity and performance and at the same time supporting individuals with their own wellbeing.


Employee Relations during Organisational Change with Selenity

Adapt, plan and deliver the changes COVID-19 has brought

Many organisations are facing organisational and cultural change in many forms from team re-structures, downsizing departments, and managing furloughed or potentially sick employees.

As many organisations struggle to adapt, plan and deliver the changes COVID-19 has brought, the key is to evolve beyond crisis management and drive transformation.

Learn how to evolve beyond crisis management and drive transformation

We discuss strategic methods to track and analyse employee relations, delving into root causes and how to use your HR data to elevate case management and support your business strategy.

Discover how to transform your case management process and digitalise your HR case load, enhancing your policy compliance and mitigating any risks.

You can download the slides from this session here.

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