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PPMA Covid-19 Podcast Series

We are delivering a series of Podcasts touching on the different HR & OD aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We will  publish the podcast here and we will be adding new topics over the next few months.

  • Series overview 
  • Wellbeing in the context of Covid-19
  • Applying behavioural science
  • Managing employee engagement and effective communications in crisis
  • Supporting our leaders and managers.

How Behavioural Science Can Influence People During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Podcast featuring Prof Jim McManus

Behaviour Science and it’s role in the management of Covid-19. In it, Professor Jim McManus, Director of Public Health at Hertfordshire CC and VP of the Association of Directors of Public Health, talks about what the science is and how it’s being used by the government and also the HR and OD community in these difficult times.

He also discusses the importance of the HR & OD community working together with other public services communities, the role of public health modelling and why it’s needed in from a workforce demand and supply perspective, how to filter out some of the constant information we’re bombarded with in order to stay resilient and protect our mental health and how council staff might be deployed to help with contact tracing.

Jim also shares some information about the Behavioural Science and Public Health Network which is a group that he chairs. It’s role is to link behavioural science to the health of the public and he believes that HR & OD professionals would benefit tremendously from becoming  member. Karen is a member of the network and she is working with Jim to talk about how we might be able to collaborate to offer specially tailored podcasts, webinars and other events for PPMA members. You can find about more about the network here and we will be sending out more information shortly.

Karen Grave Introduces The New PPMA HR Podcast Series

This is the first podcast in our new series and it features PPMA President Karen Grave talking about the challenges facing our HR community during this unprecedented time. She shares some of the great work that’s being done around the country, talks about working across a public service economy and the role that public services workers have in protecting the community and the NHS, the challenges of working from home and much more.

You can contact Karen with any thoughts or comments via email at [email protected]

We hope that you find the podcast a helpful source of inspiration, practical support and advice.

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PPMA Lunch and Learn Webinar Sessions

We are happy to be running a series of joint lunchtime learning webinar sessions with some of our sponsors and colleagues over the next few weeks on topical issues.

  • Talking talent during COVID-19, insights from Penna
  • Managing Agency during Corona crisis with Matrix-SCM
  • From Trauma to Triumph – with Michael Byrne founder of lived experience trauma support

What happens when home working becomes the norm?

How Organisations Need to Manage Workers Displaced from the Office as a Result of Covid-19’. with Osborne Thomas

Learning from Lockdown: Diversity and Inclusion with Penna

Talking points will include:

  • Learnings from lockdown on diversity, has it helped advance D&I agendas?
  • What’s our practical advice for organisations?
  • How to implement a more effective, objective approach during recruitment

Navigating towards a New Normal – with Andrew Collings from Mind Gym

As the world progresses through the COVID-19 outbreak, it will see 3 key phrases. Mind Gym will be discussing how we can help our organisations to navigate each of these phases in the most effective way?

Acute uncertainty
Prolonged disruption
A new normal

Download the presentation from the session here.

From Trauma To Triumph – with Michael Byrne founder of Lived Experience Trauma Support

In this session we will be raising the awareness around Mental Health ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week which begins w/c 18th May. And during this time of social distancing and lockdown Michael Byrne will share advice on how to look after your mental and emotional health and wellbeing as well as others.

To find out more about LET’s please visit their website, to book for the mental health courses Michael mentions please click here and you can download Michaels book below.

Poems From A Mod: My Journey Through Trauma, Recovery and Survival.

Managing Agency During Corona Crisis With Matrix-SCM

With insight from Matrix SCM’s Business Director Julian Panter who has been working with 9 London Boroughs through the crisis, including Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Lambeth, Redbridge, Waltham Forest, and Westminster. Exploring how they are tracking the effects of Covid-19 and the initiatives they are putting in place during this time.


  • Introduction; Chris Grimes, Sales Director
  • Insight from 9 London Boroughs; Julian Panter, Business Director
  • HR Insight from Hackney
  • Overview and Questions: Chris Grimes, Sales Director

Talking talent during COVID-19, insights from Penna

Penna’s session discussed how recruitment has had to adapt during current circumstances and what the future may look like.

Our talking points:

  • What is happening to the hiring market, and talent agendas?

  • What do you need to stop, start and continue to enhance your EVP?

  • What’s on the horizon for HR/OD, in light of this?

Public Health Materials

In this section, you will find a wide range of resources about the work our Public Health colleagues are doing on Co-vid 19 and how it is relevant to HR & OD professionals.  



PPMA Community Updates

This section provides contains information about the key issues that you are all dealing with to respond to Co-vid 19.  It covers issues such as remote working, redeployment, supporting our leaders and managers and so on.

You can also find examples of great work being done by PPMA members and colleagues across public services.



Useful links

There is a wealth of material available on Coronavirus Co-vid 19.  We’ve picked out the best for you.



Behavioural Science

We have been hearing alot about the role of behaviour science in the Governments response to Co-vid 19.  You can find out much more about the science here and examples that you can use in your organisations.



Being well, staying well

Keeping well ourselves and supporting others in these unprecedented times is going to be critical. 

You can find a wide range of resources here to help and support you.



Myth Busters

What’s real and what’s fantasy?

Working out what’s real and what isn’t can be difficult at the best of times.  But in this pandemic, sharing the wrong information can literally risk lives.  We’ve pulled together the best of the myth busters information available and we will keep this updated.