Myth busting

The Co-vid 19 pandemic has already radically impacted the way we lives our lives.  That’s inevitable but the extent to which we have been able to respond has been complicated by social media and the speed at which information travels.  And sadly, bad information travels as quickly as good information does.

For the Government, this has caused particular issues in trying to engage the country to support:

  • The overarching strategy to Contain – Delay – Research – Mitigate
  • Effective social distancing and
  • Meaningful self-isolation

Confusion – legitimate or not, about Government ‘advice’ has been amplified across all media, whether digital or print. And the rapid spread of information and conspiracy theory has caused more confusion.  Confusion can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, which in turn impacts on our mental health and increases the pressure on already stretched public services.

But it can also distract and impact the decision making process that government minsters, business leaders, public servants and citizens will participate in.  So the role of evidence and how we critically evaluate it is vitally important.

“Bad information ruins lives. It promotes hate, damages people’s health, and hurts democracy” ( 

This page provides:

  • A reminder about the key principles of Evidenced Based Practice
  • Credible sources of information
  • Answers to some of the most common myths.

Helpful websites

Over time, we will be adding resources in here about evidence based HR practice during the Co-vid 19 pandemic.  This will help us inform how we shape our futures as things return to a new normal..

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Disclaimer: PPMA is a membership association for public service HR & OD professionals. We do not attempt to provide scientific analysis or interpretation.  Our aim with these pages is to provide the most comprehensive view of available and relevant Co-vid 19 resources for our community. We will keep these materials as up to date as resources permit.

Myth busters

The following resources have been produced by a range of news and medical organisations.  Feel free to share.  A specific set of World Health Organisations myth busters are included elsewhere on this page.

Coronavirus: 12 myths, Chelsea Ritschel, Independent, 26/02/2020

Coronavirus: How bad information goes viral,

Coronavirus – misinformation in Italy, BBC

Top 10 myths about Coronavirus, Mary Shomon,, 23/03/2020

Types, sources, and claims of Co-vid 19 misinformation, Dr. J. Scott Brennen, Felix Simon, Dr Philip N. Howard. Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Reuters Institute & Univeristy of Oxford, 07/04/2020

Podcast and video resources

World Health Organisation resources

The WHO has produced a range of helpful posters that can be shared across your workforces. We have included some examples below, but you can download the originals from here.


If you would like to share resources with us we would love to hear from you.  You can email Karen at [email protected] or Grace at [email protected].

Stopping bad information going viral

HR & OD professionals can significantly help organisations prevent bad information being shared.  Through:

  • developing clear and concise communication
  • ensuring employees know how to spot false information and
  • encouraging and promoting critical thinking

The rise of bad information can be significantly reduced.

In terms of our practice there are two ways of thinking about it:

  • As evidenced based practice. You can find our more on our Let’s Talk: Evidence theme pages
  • As good old fashioned critical thinking.


Public Health Materials

In this section, you will find a wide range of resources about the work our Public Health colleagues are doing on Co-vid 19 and how it is relevant to HR & OD professionals.  



PPMA Community Updates

This section provides contains information about the key issues that you are all dealing with to respond to Co-vid 19.  It covers issues such as remote working, redeployment, supporting our leaders and managers and so on.

You can also find examples of great work being done by PPMA members and colleagues across public services.



Useful links

There is a wealth of material available on Coronavirus Co-vid 19.  We’ve picked out the best for you.



Behavioural Science

We have been hearing alot about the role of behaviour science in the Governments response to Co-vid 19.  You can find out much more about the science here and examples that you can use in your organisations.



Being well, staying well

Keeping well ourselves and supporting others in these unprecedented times is going to be critical. 

You can find a wide range of resources here to help and support you.



Myth Busters

What’s real and what’s fantasy?

Working out what’s real and what isn’t can be difficult at the best of times.  But in this pandemic, sharing the wrong information can literally risk lives.  We’ve pulled together the best of the myth busters information available and we will keep this updated.