Hello PPMA members and friends

Last week we held the final of this year’s Apprentice of the Year competition and with the valuable support of the amazing Leatham Green and his colleagues from Oracle, we crowned our winner and two runners up. Leatham wrote about his experience recently and we thought we’d share that with you in our blog. Thank you again Leatham, Brigid, Jacqueline and Victor.

“This has been a top week for me as we celebrated the glorious talent that we enjoy across the public sector at the final of this year’s PPMA – Public Services People Managers Association, Public Sector Apprentice of the Year.

Congratulations to our winner Hannah Newby Assoc. CIPD from Hertfordshire County Council who was outstanding across the three days of the event – I hope you’re proud of your achievement Hannah and you certainly thrilled everyone who witnessed your inspiring and authentic delivery!

When we created this event over 10 years ago, we hoped to provide opportunities for the next generation of public sector leaders to develop the confidence and be able to rejoice with the world how fabulous, inspiring, and passionate our apprentices felt about working in the public sector!

The experience of working with and getting to know this year’s group has been extra special. Through the power of their collective story telling skills, they inspired and enthralled everyone present. Each story shared, highlighted the super powers that we all possess in order to engage and connect with each other.

The connections made through the stories shared went much wider and deeper than reflecting what work they are doing or material possessions they are seeking – it was far more human. The stories were a celebration of who they are – the unique blend of life experiences, challenges, successes, personalities, hopes, aspirations and dreams – things that are both visible and invisible to others.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity once again to connect with such awesome people and future leaders of our public services.

This experience has left a beautiful lasting impression on me so thank you to every apprentice who took part and to the generosity of our volunteer coaches who made the event so special.

If you are attending this year’s PPMA – Public Services People Managers Association Conference, come join the Oracle Cloud HCM session on Thursday 28th April at 12.00 pm and celebrate with us.

I will be joined by Hannah and the two runners up Teri McDonald, Somerset County Council and Meadow Papamichael – Islington Council along with Brigid LuryJacqueline Ryan and Victor Korang from Oracle Cloud HCM. We will be rejoicing in the power and magic of story-telling.

Let’s be grateful for all that we are, and appreciate the wonderful, unique and beautiful qualities we each bring into the workplace.”

Leatham Green, Business Development Consultant at Oracle