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I think my near neighbours in the North of London may have cracked the problem we’re all facing in terms of the financial chasm over the next four years or so…

…the London Borough of Camden is ‘considering’ writing to some of its more wealthy residents in the banking industry to ask if they would be prepared to make a donation to bridge the Council’s reported £80-£100 million gap.

Camden’s geographical boundaries cover affluent constituent parts such as Regents Park, Hampstead and Primrose Hill – frequently the domicile of members of the banking fraternity.

Councillor Theo Blackwell, lead for finance comments “People would say we were absurd if they looked back on this time and our attempts to tackle the crisis and saw we had not made overtures to people living here. It’s not a lecture for them, we are not hectoring them – we are just looking for goodwill”.

What Councillor Blackwell has diplomatically avoided saying is that arguably it’s some of those bankers that created the credit crunch and the subsequent financial cataclysm in the first place.

Let’s hope those bankers show as much good will as the country did in the bailing out process…what do you think?


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