Hello PPMA members and friends

As we approach the end of Pride Month, the final Celebrations we are sharing are from Breckland Council who have truly embraced and supported the festivities by holding a number of events throughout the month. These conclude with a ‘Wear Something Colourful Bake Sale and Bingo’ event taking place on the 2nd July

Here’s a full list of their activities and some photos taken from the events too.

  • We kicked off the month with our annual flag raising to celebrate Pride month.
  • Staff came together to take part in the Walk with Pride
  • Pride canvas for staff to leave messages of support throughout the month
  • We had an insightful Fighting with Pride, lunch and learn from John Beckett about the ‘Gay Ban’ in the armed forces and how this affected serving members.
  • We also have our very own Banksy, delivering a daily Pride welcome message as we enter the building
  • Later this week we have a Pride bingo, charity bake sale and colourful clothes day!

It’s been a fantastic and memorable month and PPMA members around the country have demonstrated their support of Pride month in many ways by Embracing Every Shade: Celebrating Diversity Together. There are still events taking place, with London Pride happening this Saturday 29th June and if you are attending, we hope that you have an amazing time.