Fare ye well bloggers.

As the last post sounds on my blog exploits it’s time to hang up my blogging boots…I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my year’s–worth of posts half as much as I’ve had the pleasure of researching, and writing commentary on, an array of topical public sector HR subjects.

It’s been a funny old year one way or another and who’d have thought that I’d be blogging on topics from the sublime to the ridiculous: such as volcano leave (see post El Tel avoids a double dip), or the more recent study into early morning eating habits and correlation with the UK work ethic (see Ban the Breakfast Bar)?

I don’t think there’s much doubt however, that a year ago I’d be commenting on the global recession and its impact not only on our fiscal condition, but also the societal and employment consequences which have featured large in my scribbling – It’s a Greek Tragedy, Why Irish Eyes aren’t Smiling, It’s all about equilibrium, It’s freezing this Christmas, Camdonation, all different manifestations of that theme – to name a few posts.

So what of the future? Can I assume a Nostradamus-like quality in this my last-ever PPMA blog post? Peering into the crystal ball I’m sure the UK-face of public service will undergo a seismic shift – not just thinned down, but very different. It remains to be seen though whether the Big Society will have as significant a long-term impact as the 1942 Beveridge report: the genesis of the Welfare State.

As I disappear over the horizon my thanks to Ten Horizon and Karen in particular for inestimable support and fantastic complementary graphics – great weren’t they?

So, post a comment please if you’ve been entertained, enlightened, annoyed, or simply amused?

I’m in the process of setting up my own website which will feature a topical HR weekly blog, so maybe it’s adieu rather than goodbye? Keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter.