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After a well deserved (I would say that wouldn’t I!) summer break, I’m now in the throws of the busiest time of the year at work. It’s also a busy time for PPMA with our annual, two day Board meeting coming up next week. The agenda has been extended to give us time to focus on PPMA’s policy on the future of pay in the public sector. We are lucky to have a specialist reward consultant from Mercers coming along to facilitate the session. The meeting is being held on Buckinghamshire turf, as is traditionally the case, at the Old Crown Hotel in Old Amersham, which incidentally was the setting for a number of the famous scenes from Four Weddings and a Funeral!

I’ve recently given evidence on behalf of PPMA to the Social Worker Task Force. I would like to give my thanks to Andreas Gosh from Lewisham who collated PPMA’s written evidence on our behalf. The Task Force were very complimentary about our submission saying that it gave them a number of ideas that they would like to pursue as part of their ongoing workplan. The evidence we gave included suggestions such as creating more vocational routes into social work, more student sponsorship, investigating why people chose to stay as agency social workers, more investment in senior leadership and considering a national professional institute.

Finally, I was very saddened to hear the news about the loss of our much loved colleague and friend from Scotland, Hogan Burke. The news reached me whilst I was away on holiday and was a complete shock. Hogan was definitely one in a  million, a kind gentle man who was dedicated to his role in supporting our sister organisation SPDS. He will be missed very much and our thoughts go out to his colleagues and his wife, Moira and family.


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