Following our restructure in 2018, our membership community agreed to have a permanent Executive Director role. At present Board has decided that we are filling the role on an Interim basis until we determine a permanent appointment should be made.

We are delighted that Leatham Green, a long standing member of the PPMA Board is our Interim Executive Director.

Leatham is the founder of the Mindful HR Centre and a highly respected and a multiple award winning public sector HRD Director.  He is respected as a leader who can deliver sustained and substantial transformation.  He believes that we should treat human beings as human resources to get the very best out of them.  Being mindful in how we treat people and how we enable them to be mindful of themselves will ensure we can harness the power of our public service workforces.

You can email our Interim Executive Director at: [email protected]

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The Interim Executive Director’s Key Responsibilities

Our initial plans for the Interim Executive Director role are as follows:

(i) To implement the association’s sponsors development strategy in association with the President and other SMB members

(ii) To provide support to the President, Board and association as may be needed.