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Stuart Elrick, PPMA Diversity Lead and Consultant at Stuart Elrick Consultancy, is our guest blogger this week and he talks about how we can better support both colleagues and employees in the workplace.

‘Last week my granddaughter aged 4 but wise beyond her years said  “ I am only little and need bigger people to help me do things”. If I can put that in context as regards our PPMA family which has members in small organisations where the HR/OD team may be only a few staff – I recall having a team of 2. How can we give a HELPING HAND  to these colleagues?

It’s unlikely that they will be able to take time away from their desks to attend region meetings or events so  why not  give them a call or dropping the an email to see how things are going.  Just to know that “you are not alone” and that there is a colleague outside your organisation you can call, from personal experience makes the tasks you are facing seem less daunting. Lets make the effort.

Did you take part in #TimetoTalk day yesterday (5th February)? This was encouraging people to take five minutes to have a conversation about mental health, in particular the myths and facts around it.  I don’t know about you but I found at work  it was easier to speak about physical health than about mental health and I know from friends who have had mental health issues that they can be reluctant to approach their employer about their problems.

In your own case how comfortable do you feel about speaking up when you’re struggling – either at work or at home?  This is again where we can give a HELPING HAND to colleagues.  A simple “ how are you doing?”  to a colleague as you meet, or a phone call or email will let these colleagues know  “you are not alone”  Let us share what we are doing to give a HELPING HAND  within your organisation as regards tackling mental health.’

We’d love to hear your views or stories on how you have been given or have received a HELPING HAND.

Stuart Elrick

PPMA Diversity Lead and Consultant at Stuart Elrick Consultancy

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