It’s only 6 working days to go #PPMAHR18 and we wanted to remind you of the theme of our Annual Gala Ball.

We’re holding a masquerade ball. Whilst masks aren’t compulsory, we’re really looking forward to seeing how many different types of masks people are wearing. There’s a bottle of champagne for the best mask for those who are participating.

We’ve even found a great way to involve the students participating in Tomorrow’s Talent. As an art project over Easter, some of them have agreed to paint masks and we’ll be displaying those during dinner. We’re really excited to see what their creative genius has produced.

You might ask yourself why a masquerade them. Well the fantastic PPMA project team thought it was a nice twist on our day to day roles. As HR & OD practitioners we often find ourselves masking our thoughts and feelings in our work. That is sometimes because we have to be really impartial when we’re dealing with cases, or handling the conflict that can come from challenging situations where our values aren’t always upheld across our organisations. So the masquerade theme gives us permission to have a bit of a play with that. If you want to disguise yourself with the most flamboyant mask you can find – go ahead!

We’ve got some great entertainment too to go alongside our Dinner and Awards programme. But, for now we’re definitely keeping that a secret…